Transport Insurance – Better Safe than Sorry


Sea freight insurance pays off most of the time. Unfortunately, many have to learn this the expensive way, as by then, the damage is often already done. We want to spare you money and nerves, which is why we want to show you, why it is worth to cover sea freight insurance for your shipment.

Freightfinders gives you the option to insure your products if you book your Seafreight with us.  Use our Seafreighttool on the Startpage and ship your freight save and cheap.


Transport Insurance:

from 49 Euro

Your advantages through Freightfinders:


  1. Cheap Seafreight-insurance
  2. Long-time experience in the Import & Export business
  3. Need oriented seafreight insurance
  4. Compare seafreight prices from our partner forwarder - Ship and insure your Seafreight in the best way possible



Limited Liability

The ship collides, is exposed to piracy, or the freight is being washed overboard – but who will assume liability? Ordinarily, it is neither the shipping company, nor the carrier him- or herself, as they only in rare cases assume liability for damages or loss of your sea freight. Even if the goods are damaged by humidity or collisions, the liability will not be assumed.


Good Packaging Does Not Make Up for Not Covering Insurance

To hold the believe that good packaging can make up for not covering sea freight insurance is a misbelieve. Although, packaging is very important to the process of shipping, there are still many risk factors to be considered. Good packaging does of course help prevent your goods from being damaged by outside influences. Nevertheless, it cannot prevent all damages done by maritime perils or even loss of your cargo.

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Incoterms Agreement

Incoterms, which have been introduced by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), arrange the delivery terms and, therefore, the duties of the buyer and seller. There, insurance is mostly excluded by the terms. Still, there are exceptions, which are the CIP (Carriage Insurance Paid) and the CIF (Cost Insurance Freight). Both of these delivery terms presuppose sea freight insurance to be covered. Thus, one should be sure to cover this insurance to not violate the agreed upon terms.


Spare Yourself Costs and Nerves

All this can lead to high financial loss, which we would like to spare you. This is why, we highly recommend you to cover sea freight insurance. The expenses for this mostly pay off, as the costs are relatively low. You can cover your sea freight insurance right on our platform and thereby ensure a carefree shipment of your goods.

Sea freight shipment with freightfinders:

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