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How Are the Loading Meters of Your Freight Calculated?

Our loading meter calculator helps you to quickly determine the LDM of your cargo. In order to be able to provide you with the result, we only need the following information about your cargo.

By default, the dimensions of a EURO pallet (80cm x 120cm) are given. However, for you loading meter calculation, you can adapt them to the dimensions of your pallets, cartons, etc.

  • Length
  • Width
  • Quantity
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How to Get a Cheap Transport With Your Loading Meter Calculation

Once your loading meters have been calculated, you have the option to ask for a transport price with this measure in order to benefit from our network of forwarders and low prices.

In order to get a transport price for your route quickly and easily, we need a few more information

  • Place of Loading and Unloading
  • Earliest Loading Date and Latest Unloading Date
  • Weight of the Freight
  • Charge Carrier
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What exactly Are Loading Meters (LDM)?

Loading metre, or LDM for short, is a standardized measure that is used for calculating loading volume or calculating the required space in the truck. However, loading meters are used to calculate not only the loading volume, but often also the freight price. There are several cases of how the loading meter is calculated. In this article, you will find not only the simple calculation, but also the formulas for exceptional cases.


How to Calculate Loading Meters and What Is the Formula?


To calculate the loading meters, you first need to know how much 1 LDM is. As a rule, 1 LDM describes 1m length of the truck times its width, which in most cases is 2.40m. However, if a truck is used that has a different width, the 2.4m of the formula for calculating the loading meters with the actual width. Hence the formula for sending a standard truck is:

(Length x Width) : 2,4 = LDM


Extension of the LDM formual - The Footprint

If you want to ship several goods with the same footprint / floor space (e.g. pallet) you also need the number of pieces for the loading meter calculation. If you have load carriers of different dimensions, the individual loading meters are calculated first. These are then simply aggregated. For example, if you ship a few stackable pallets with 2.4 LDM and a few boxes with 1.6 LDM, then this results in a sum of 4.0 loading meters.

Quantity x (Length x Width) : 2,4 = LDM


Extension of the LDM Formula: The Stacking Factor

This loading meter formula only calculates the area used in the truck. However, it is also important to note whether your cargo is stackable to determine the loading volume. If this is the case, the so-called stacking-factor is added to the loading meter calculation formula. So, if two pallets fit on top of each other, your stacking- factor is 2.

Quantity x (Length x Width) : 2,4 : Stacking Factor = LDM


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Calculating loading meters - examples from logistics


In logistics, ldm are usually calculated in order to standardize and simplify pricing. Here are some examples from logistics to get a rough idea.


Loading Meter EURO-Pallet


You want to ship 12 EURO pallets in their standard size of 0.8m x 1.2m. Two pallets can be stacked on top of each other. This means that there are 6 pallets at the bottom of the truck area. Your charging meter calculation formula therefore looks like this:

12 x (0,8 x 1,2) : 2,4 : 2 = 2,4 LDM

In der Regel passen in der Breite zwei EURO-Paletten quer oder drei EURO-Paletten längs in einen LKW.


However, if you take away two pallets, the loading meters of your cargo will be reduced by 0.4. However, this is only the loading volume, as only two stacked pallets are omitted, and the area remains the same. When calculating the loading metre, the area counts above all, which is why this example would remain at 2.4 LDM.


Loading Metre Industrial Pallet


An industrial palette has the dimensions 1.2m x 1m.
This results in a loading meter calculation of

(1.2 x 1): 2.4 = 0.5 LDM


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