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Our online logistics tool connects sea freight, air freight, rail & truck transports thats how we can find the best partners for the customers' route. The prices of all forwarders within our network are compared and the best offer is selected.

If we cant offer an instant price, we will send your transport request into our freight auction tool. Every Freightfinders partner forwarder is now able to place a bid on your inquiry.

Sea freight, air freight, rail- & truck transports with Freightfinders

Business, today more than ever, is global and the trend keeps rising. Sending ocean freight to Hong Kong on one day and the next day you need to import from New York? Freightfinders can offer a quick and safe delivery of your sea freight with the help of our specialized logistic partners. Let our team and partners help you, profit from fair prices and dependable forwarding companies. Blind trust is a thing of the past - Freightfinders enables you to fully own your supply chain, to reduce costs of transport and sea freight, and to earch your possible markets of the future.

FCL & LCL sea freight shipments to and from Germany

Whether you want to ship a single palette with spare parts from Leipzig to Shanghai or a 40ft. high cube container from Taiwan to Berlin - we got you covered on all fronts. Freightfinders sorts prices from over 300 ports in more than 30 countries, regardless of direction from Germany (Export) or to Germany (Import). You want to ship containers? Compare prices for your ocean freight and use our free of charge Freightfinders dashboard with GPS tracking for all of your logistical needs.

"Nobody is perfect – but we try!"

Especially with sea freight, global transports can be complicated. We at Freightfinders rose to the challenge and had the clear goal to simplify the whole process. Price fluctuation due to shortages or overcapacity is a real problem. Different customs clearances for different countries complicate transports and documentation. We want you to concentrate on the essential: your business.

Freightfinders analyzes global trends in container shipping and finds the best and safest way for your sea freight. Our goal is your choice, regardless of whether it is about price or routing, duration or provider.

From now on, you are always in the loop, everywhere and anytime. Shipments - easy and fast with