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What is bulk freight?

The question of what bulk freight is can easily be answered. This term is used mainly for all materials that are not packed and transported in large quantities. These can be pellets, granulates and coal, as well as foods, such as sugar or flour, as well as animal feed. As this cargo is unpacked, it can be unloaded fast and easily, which keeps the overall transport time short.


Modes of transport

How bulk cargo is transported depends on the freight itself. There are different types of tippers, such as e.g. a dump truck, or sliding floor vehicles for building materials transports that can be used. There is also the possibility of bulk containers transport. This also includes silos, which are used mainly in agriculture for animal feed transports, but also for soluble goods, such as salt or sugar. If you are not sure which type of transport is right for you, we partner bulk carriers will help you making this decision with years of experience.


Means of transport for your bulk haulage

Usually, bulk freight is transported by truck or train. They offer ideal flexibility and ensure that your goods reach their destination quickly and safely. However, it is also possible to ship your goods as sea freight. This is especially useful for long distances. But no matter what bulk transport you choose, at Freightfinders you will find not only favorable prices and experienced bulk transport companies, but also a large network that can simplify any bulk transport.