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Find highly experienced freight forwarders for your international bulk transoport at Freightfinders.com. Choose your route and book your transport at a cheap rate. You are planning on importing or exporting within Europe or world wide? Let us help you find the perfect offer and partner for a fast and safe transport of your bulk cargo.

Freight Insurances for Bulk Transports

Within just a few minutes, you can book your transport & freight insurance online with the international insurance calculator from Freightfinders. Not matter, what you want to ship and how – we can insure your sea freight, air freight, land freight as well as pallet, crates or containers easily and fast.




What Is Bulk Transport and Into Which Groups Can it Be Divided?

Bulk, also known as "bulk" in English and more generally in the logistics industry, includes a wide range of different goods in different aggregate states and sizes. Most bulk goods are not intended for the end customer. They are usually raw materials that are used for production or are to be disposed of as waste products. From tree trunks and bananas to sugar and coal, petrol and milk, everything comes under the umbrella term of bulk commodity. As you can already see, there is a subdivision of goods.

  • Solid bulk goods
  • Liquid bulk goods




Liquid Bulk

One type of bulk cargo is "liquid bulk". With this type of transport, you have to pay attention to some special features. So that you can send your goods carefree and fast, we at Freightfinders offer you suitable partners for your transport. Find your route with our configurator and benefit from low prices. Would you like to learn more about Liquid Bulk? Get all the important information on this type of transport here.

Solid Bulk: Dry Bulk

Bulk goods represent another type of bulk cargo. These take up a large part of the trade. If you also want to ship bulk goods, then find your route with our configurator and choose bulk/bulk transport as the transport type. You will receive experienced partners and fair prices for your products. If you want to learn more about bulk transport, read our article on it here.


Solid Bulk: General Cargo

Piece goods transport is also referred to as bulk goods. You can also find this in our configurator. Ship your goods particularly safely and cheaply with Freightfinders and find worldwide routes and trustworthy partners. Would you like to learn more about general cargo transport? Click here to go to our info article.

Bulk Transport Worldwide

Each individual sector of bulk transport, be it general cargo, liquid or dry bulk transport, carries vast quantities of goods, making bulk one of the top transport modes. This applies not only to trade throughout Germany, but also worldwide. Find suitable partners for your bulk transport at Freightfinders and benefit from fair prices and experienced forwarders. Use our configurator to find your route and get suitable offers!


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