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Are you looking for a forwarding company that specialises in your product and the associated product transport? Then you've come to the right place! Freightfinders offers its customers a network of freight forwarders with a wide range of specialisations in the goods transport. From raw material transports to foodstuffs and machinery transports, you will find a wide range of offers and prices with us. Place a price request for your product transport at the top of the page and receive automatically and manually calculated offers from reliable logistics companies. 



Crude & Building Materials

Find your freight forwarder for reliable raw material transports at Freightfinders and calculate freight insurance at the same time. You can find our transport cost calculator at the top of the page
Metals  Stones
Energy Resources Paper Goods
Sand & Gravel  Timber Products

Transport of Textiles

Do you need transport for textiles, leather goods, shoes and the like? Then get prices free of charge. We have a suitable partner for almost everything.



Clothes Headgear

Animal & Vegetable Products transportieren

Browse our topic area for more information or make a price enquiry directly by using our configurator at the top of the page.


Vegetarian Products  Foodstuff
Animal Products   

Vehicle Transport 

Freightfinders has access to a network of vehicle shipping companies and can thus ship your car at a reasonable price. Transport over longer distances is possible either by RORO ship or in your own container.



Further Goods-Transport Categories

Plastic & Rubber Chemical Products
Maschines Art & Antiques
Electronical Devices Sensible Instruments


Your advantages of goods transports with Freightfinders:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers 


Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves


EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders


Full Service: customs, insurance, transport