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What Damage Is Covered by Our Transport Insurance?

Our insurance takes effect, if your goods:
  • are damaged or lost,
  • are delivered incorrectly or misdelivered,
  • fall victim to theft or robbery,
  • do not arrive within the delivery period or incur other financial losses,
  • are confiscated,
  • cannot be transported due to wars or strikes,
  • fall victim to piracy.

What Benefits Do You Have With Our Cargo Insurance?


  • You receive door-to-door cover within the all risks cover.
  • The indemnity takes effect up to the effective value of your goods.
  • Even problematic goods, including food and medicines, are covered by our insurance protection.
  • Profit from loss reduction and prevention through our active risk management.
  • Get cost-effective terms and conditions tailored to you.



Profit Also From This Included Cover!


  • Pecuniary and goods damage.
  • Risks due to political situation (war, strike, etc.)
  • Additional costs in case of transhipment.
  • Clean-up, removal, and salvage costs and return transport.
  • Excess costs due to extraordinary circumstances (e.g. Sunday work)
  • General average

The transport insurance calculator at a glance





  • In just 3 minutes to the offer
  • Instant download the certificate
  • Obtain transport offers at the same time


  • No dubious insurance offers
  • Examination of the insurer
  • Only reliable partners


  • Standardised Messages
  • Management-Tool for insurances
  • Support from experienced logisticians

All-round service

  • Sea-, Air- & land- freight cost calculators
  • Insurance, fumigation, customs etc.
  • From now on you can insure everything



Automatically calculated insurance

Product group 1 & product group 2 - instant prices tailored to your needs!

Would you like to insure your freight for a one-off transport? Then you've come to the right place. Calculate your insurance for product groups 1 & 2 within seconds. Goods group 1 are regular transport goods, including 90% of all goods on the world market. Goods group 2 are special freight forwarding goods such as alcohol, tobacco products, etc. A small surcharge is usually included here.

Calculate Freight Insurance

Manually calculated insurance

Goods group 3 - manual calculation of special goods (e.g. military transports)!

Product group 3 requires a more detailed manual check by one of our employees. Goods group 3 is particularly critical goods such as ammunition & weapons, but also poisonous substances and chemicals.
A valid insurance cover for your transport only exists if you have selected the right product group for your product.

Calculate Freight Insurance


Booking Transport Insurances

Would you like to insure your transport? Then you can do so on Freightfinders with just one click. By ticking the appropriate box, you can book the transport insurance associated with your shipment in just a few seconds. You will receive an instant price for product groups 1 & 2. For product group 3, your price will be requested. This makes the process of booking transport insurance with Freightfinders simple and convenient!


Book your transport insurance online


Transportation insurances are an important protection for companies and individuals who ship goods. Especially in the case of international shipping, there is an increased risk of damage or loss. To cover these risks, you can take out transportation insurance online.

Transportation insurance protects against damage or loss that may occur during transport. This can happen, for example, through accidents, theft, fire or natural disasters. Transportation insurance can be taken out for both national and international goods transport.

A cargo transportation insurance is a special form of transportation insurance that relates to the shipment of goods. It protects against damage or loss that may occur during the transport of the goods. This can happen, for example, through accidents, theft or natural disasters.

Cargo transportation insurance is particularly useful when shipping high-value or sensitive goods. Examples of this are expensive electronics, works of art or medical equipment. Also, when shipping goods in remote regions or countries where the risk of damage or loss is increased, cargo transportation insurance is recommended.

Taking out transportation insurance online is easy and straightforward. On our website, you can quickly and easily fill out an insurance application and take out the insurance directly. Our insurance calculator will guide you through the entire process. The insurance certificate becomes valid after you transfer.

It is important to carefully check the conditions and benefits when taking out transportation insurance or cargo transportation insurance. Some insurance only covers certain causes of damage or have upper limits for compensation.

Overall, it is a good idea to take out transportation insurance or cargo transportation insurance to protect against the risks of goods transport. By taking out such insurance online, it is easy and straightforward to quickly and easily get protected.

To avoid misundertandings, you will find all the conitions & information regarding the coverage above in an orderly form.


Single trip transportation insurance

Single trip transportation insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed for protection during a one-time transportation delivery. This type of insurance is particularly useful when you are transporting valuable or delicate goods that require special attention and protection.

An important aspect of obtaining single trip transportation insurance is stating the correct value of the transported goods. An inaccurate value statement can result in not receiving full compensation for damages. It is therefore advisable to carefully estimate the value of the transported goods and discuss any uncertainties with the insurer.





Why do I need a transport insurance?

Air, rail, truck, and sea freight insurance pays off most of the time. Unfortunately, many have to learn this the expensive way, as by then, the damage is often already done. We want to spare you money and nerves, which is why we want to show you, why it is worth to cover freight insurance for your shipment.

Freightfinders gives you the option to insure your products if you are booking your freight transport with us. Use our freight tool at our home-page and ship your freight safely and cheap.

Limited Liability for Sea- Air- & Landtransports

No matter what happens to your goods – be it theft, damage, or loss – who will assume liability? Ordinarily, it is seldom the carrier, as they only in rare cases assume liability for damages or loss of your rail, air, truck, or sea freight. Even if the goods are damaged by humidity or collisions, the liability will not be assumed.

Transport insurance for sea freight, air freight & truck transport


Are you looking for transport insurance for your sea freight, air freight or truck transport? Then you've come to the right place. Book transport insurance in connection with a transport directly via our platform and benefit from cheap offers. Thanks to our portal and the large number of transports, we can negotiate profitable conditions that an insurer would not offer you with a direct inquiry.


Calculate prices & costs of a transport insurance - that's how it works


Why can we offer cheap prices

Freightfinders has a direct line to its insurers. Via the API interface, we are able to calculate offers for transport insurance within seconds and make them bookable directly. As already mentioned in the previous section, thanks to Freightfinders you have access to special insurance conditions and a freight booking tool. The large number of transports that we arrange enables you to access low-cost prices that are otherwise only reserved for major customers and long-term customers.

Calculate transport insurances - the exception

However, there is one exception when calculating your transport insurance. We divide insurance into three classes, with the last class being special goods, e.g. from the area of ​​dangerous goods. From weapons, ammunition to highly toxic chemical products, everything that we cannot calculate automatically can be found in this product group. For these goods, we will create an offer tailored to your needs and send it to you by email. In this way, we minimize sources of problems and can also properly insure complex goods.

We need the following information for the calculation of an insurance

  • Loading and unloading location

  • Goods class

  • Value of goods

  • Loading date

  • Shipping type (container, pallet, etc.)

  • Shipping route (air, sea freight, land, rail transport)



Good Packaging Does Not Make Up for Not Covering Insurance


To hold the believe that good packaging can make up for not covering rail, train, truck, air, or sea freight insurance is a misbelieve. Although, packaging is very important to the process of shipping, there are still many risk factors to be considered. Good packaging does of course help prevent your goods from being damaged by outside influences. Nevertheless, it cannot prevent all damages or even loss of your cargo.




Your advantages of a transport & insurance with Freightfinders:


Cheap & need oriented transport insurances


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers


EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders


Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging



Incoterms Agreement


Incoterms, which have been introduced by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), arrange the delivery terms and, therefore, the duties of the buyer and seller. There, insurance is mostly excluded by the terms. Still, there are exceptions, which are e.g. the CIP (Carriage Insurance Paid) and the CIF (Cost Insurance Freight). Both of these delivery terms presuppose sea freight insurance to be covered. Thus, one should be sure to cover this insurance to not violate the agreed upon terms.



Spare Yourself Costs and Nerves


All this can lead to high financial loss, which we would like to spare you. This is why we highly recommend you, to cover a rail, truck, air, or sea freight insurance. The expenses for this mostly pay off, as the costs are relatively low. You can cover your rail, truck, air, or sea freight insurance right on our platform and, thereby, ensure a carefree shipment of your goods.