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At, you can find forwarders for your international transport. Book your carriage of goods at a cheap rate. No matter, if you want to import or export within Europe or world wide – we offer fast and safe transports done by highly experienced freight forwarders.

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Book your transport insurance online within a few minutes with the international insurance calculator from Freightfinders. Whether sea freight, air freight, land freight, pallet, crate or container, you can insure your goods quickly and easily.




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We, at Freightfinders, want you to profit from our offer of world wide shipping. This is why we have set ourselves to present you with all services around transport at a cheap rate. From booking the route, to packaging and loading, up to customs clearance and transport insurance. With Freightfinders, you can cover every step of your transport in a minimum of time and at a favourable price..





Your Advantages of International Transports with Freightfinders:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers


Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves


EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders


Full Service: customs, insurance, transport

Country-index for international transports

Learn about our services for your transport from and to the countries listed below. Our index is currently under construction. Still, we have created pages with information for the following countries, ordered by continents:





Learn about, how you can profit from booking your Europe transport with Freightfinders and which advantages you can enjoy.


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Find your route for Asia and benefit from our services, executed by expecrienced freight forwarders, for a safe and smooth transport.


China  Turkey
India  Thailand
Japan  Singapore
Russia  Vietnam
South Korea   


Here, you can find information about forwarders and transports, which can be booked cheaply on our website and which are executed by experienced forwarders.


Brazil  USA
Canada  Argentina


Freightfinders is also the ideal partner for Africa transports. Our shipping companies are highly reliable and offer cheap, fast and safe carriages.


Canary Islands  Qatar


Ship your goods with Freightfinders and get cheap and fast transports. Learn here about all our services for your Ozeania transport.


Australia  New Zealand

Can't find your Country?

Nevertheless, you can send us an inquiry using our free transport cost calculator - our international country directory is still under construction.