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Freightfinders compares prices from freight forwarders in just a few seconds and provides you with a calculated instant price. In addition to the immediate price, we also offer established forwarders the option to hand in prices manually. All partner forwarders get the opportunity to bid on your transport. With us, you will find everything for a fast, cheap, and uncomplicated transport, as well as useful additional services. From customs clearance, and insurance, to container fumigation – you can find numerous options on our website. Book with Freightfinders today – your online import & export forwarding agency for forest logistics.


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436.390.000 kg wood transported yearly


646.000 wood logs transported yearly


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Wood and timber transports with Freightfinders


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Why you should book your wood transport with Freightfinders


Cheap transports by comparing forwarders & means of transport


Booking transports online fast and easy


EU sponsored network of experienced forwarders


Full Service: Customs clearance, insurance, fumigation & others



Wood logistics with Freightfinders



You want to transport wood and are looking for a suitable partner – then you are right at Freightfinders. Our partners offer you not only a lot of experience, but also cheap prices. All kinds of timber can be brought to your destination quickly and easily thanks to the right equipment. No matter, if you want to ship sawn or raw timber, short or long timber, we will find an ideal solution for its transport.



How can Freightfinders help you with timber transports?


  • Know-how: We already have large customers from the wood industry and can provide you with a suitable wood forwarding company, depending on your requirements.


  • Full service: We can offer you an individual package consisting of pre-carriage and on-carriage (by truck or train), sea freight transport, customs clearance, insurance and container fumigation


  • Logistics software: Freightfinders develops its own software solutions for container transports. With "Fewer," you can optimise container terminals for timber transport.


Take advantage of the free Freightfinders transport costs calculator and find cheap prices. In the case of regular timber transports or particularly large quantities, you are welcome to get in touch with us via contact form for an appointment in order to find an appropriate large customer solution.



Procedure of a timber transport


Pre-carriage and on-carriage via truck or rail

There are basically two options for the pre-carriage and on-carriage, which are the rail or truck timber transports. Mostly, these two means of transport are combined. The truck is picking up the raw wood directly from the forest and is then taking it to one of the neighbouring container terminals. Here, reach stackers load the containers from truck to train, which then takes the cargo to the port.


Main run via sea freight

If you want to export your raw or sawn timber over long distances, you should choose the ship as means of transport. For destinations that have a direct land connection, a timber transport can also be carried out by truck or train. In most cases, however, export by sea freight is the most reasonable type of transport.



Difficulties with wood transports

No matter whether wood is transported in its raw or processed form – its transport can quickly cause problems and thus delay or even prevent the timber transport. Due to its dimensions and weight, a suitable means of transport must be found, which can carry these loads safely. However, this also affects the route, which can often not take place on conventional roads and therefore massively affects the transport of timber. The process of loading and securing the load before the actual transport of wood can be a great difficulty, as the length, weight and texture do not conform to the standard.
For these reasons, it is important to leave the timber haulage to professionals.



Solutions for timber haulage

Freightfinders has the right know-how, but above all also the right technology to carry out a safe and fast transport of timber. Hence, you can send any type of wood cheaply. Different vehicles are used for different lengths:


  • Long timber: The truck for a long timber transport makes it possible to carry heavy and very long wood. The timber can be up to 22 meters long.


  • Short timber: A different type of truck is used in the case of short timber, because it is wood which is between two and six metres long.


  • Short and long timber: If you want to transport both short and long timber, semitrailers are usually used.


All vehicles are equipped for any terrain. Our timber haulage companies also have many years of experience and thus enable simple and inexpensive timber transports.



Services by Freightfinders

To ensure that you do not have to worry about your timber transport, you will receive useful services at Freightfinders which you can add easily and conveniently.


  • Load restraint: The load restraint in the case of wood transports is extremely important. Therefore, have them carried out by professionals.


  • Insurance: Make sure to cover insurance for your timber transport in order to avoid additional costs due to damage to goods and means of transport.


  • Customs clearance: Our custom brokers will take great care of the customs clearance of your timber transport in order to avoid delays and additional costs.