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Compare Truck Freight Companies

Spending endless time on obtaining and checking offers for your road freight is outdated nowadays. For this reason, we wanted to give you the opportunity of being able to compare and book forwarders in a minimum of time. Thereby, you get an immediate market overview and pick the most convenient offer. Additionally, you can check our customers’ reviews for the different freight forwarders to make the best choice for your road freight.  




Road Freight

Road freight still plays an increasing role in the transport of goods. This is why, you can find the most favourable and convenient trucking company for your shipment with Freightfinders and therefore, keep your expenses low. Compare our numerous forwarders and book your international route today. Profit from our partners’ long-term experience for a quick and safe transport of your goods.

Road Freight - Facts & Numbers

Road freight transport in Europe reached a transport performance of 1.99 trillion tonnes. In Germany alone, this mode of transport is the most important, accounting for about 72.5% of freight transport volume, which is in line with the European average. According to experts, the transport volume will continue to increase until 2024. This means that road freight transport will continue to be the most important mode of transport. Especially in local and regional transport, lorry transport is the preferred mode of transport because of its flexibility. In Germany, only about 20% of road freight transports have a longer distance than 150 km.

Calculating your road freight

Before and during every transport, one should have an overview of their costs at all times. This is why, we offer you our freight costs calculator. Our truck freight companies offer prices based on your loading metre, weight and route. 


Your advantages of Truck Freight Transports with Freightfinders:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers


Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves


EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders


Full Service: customs, insurance, transport




FCL road freight

We offer you the opportunity, to ship your goods in a FCL container. For road freight, the term FTL (full truck load) is used for this type, as well.
Thereby, you will have enough room for your cargo and they can also be protected from outside influences.

LCL road freight

With a LCL container, or, as it is also called, LTL (less than truck load), you can save some money. Here, the goods are being put in a container together with other customers’ cargo. Still, this way of transport is more time-consuming, because of the additional handling time.  



 How to book a truck transport with Freightfinders?

Here you will find a simple step-by-step guide for booking a truck transport with Freightfinders.

  • The first step begins with entering your loading and unloading location.
  • You will now be asked to provide information about your cargo.
  • These details and your request will be handed over to an auction tool in the following step, in which truck carriers can bid on it. This allows the price for your truck transport to be cheap.
  • With Freightfinders, you can supplement your transport with our services. You can choose e.g. packaging, loading, load restraint, insurance or customs clearance. Please, get in touch via mail or phone with us, if you wish to make use of them.

The given information of your transport allows us to handle this process automatically. The shipping company you selected will provide you with a reliable contact person – so you can enjoy a smooth and cheap truck transport.