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Special transport:
Heavy haulage, low loader- & machine transport

Special transport is a transport of goods, which are rather difficult to carry, as the requirements for it are complex. This means that you cannot ship them easily, which applies particularly to oversize load, or goods, which are extremely heavy. Special transport requires specific know-how and tools.

This is, where Freightfinders can help you. We and our partners, who are professionals regarding special transport, offer you long-term experience and efficiency. This guarantees a fast, safe and favourable transport of your goods. Learn more about special transports and how Freightfinders can help you with it.


Contact us via mail with your individual transport details and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.





Important transport details:

  • Freight: What are you planning on transporting?
  • Measurements: The weight and volume of your freight
  • Place of loading: Where do you want your freight to be picked up?
  • Place of unloading: Where do you want your freight to be brought to?
  • Date: Which date do you want to ship the freight?
  • Transport route: Do you prefer a certain route?
  • Means of transport: Do you prefer a certain means of transport?


Our transport costs calculator is currently under construction. During this time, prices can only be inquired via our contact-form. Soon, we will launch our new configurator, which will help you, find and book cheap prices fast and easy again.



Heavy haulage

Heavy haulage is usually of enormous weight, but has rather small measurements. Examples for this, are concrete or steel beams. If the freight is heavy, as well as it is big, then a combination of heavy haulage and high-capacity transports is used. No matter, what applies to your goods – our long-term experience and knowhow for special transport will bring your freight safely from A to B.



Machine transport

Machine transports are particularly sensitive and complex types of special transport, as the freight is mostly heavy and bulky. Agricultural engines, such as tractors, which move slowly on the streets and have high fuel consumption, need, especially for long distance transports, to be carried. Another challenge of machine transports is the technology on the inside, which is usually very delicate. Here, an adequate load restraint and packaging is of the utmost importance.

Moreover, big machines can be broken down to smaller components, to be able to be transported on euro pallets. Freightfinders will help you keep the outage of the machines, which costs time and money, to a minimum. We will transport your machines as fast as possible. Trust in our experience and technology – as we will ship your machines fast and safely.



Low loader transport

With a low loader, particularly high, or heavy freight can be transported, as, for example, construction machinery, amusement rides, or even office modules. Truck tunnels and underpasses are no problem for low loader transports, as well. Use our configurator to organise your next transport and to profit from low prices and a safe carriage of your goods.


Booking a mobile crane

Book a mobile crane at Freightfinders.com and benefit from its versatility, as cranes are applicable and nowadays even indispensable. Mobile cranes are especially used for loading and unloading goods. Moreover, booking a truck with a crane offers you maximum flexibility and independence.



Finding favourable forwarders for special transport

At Freightfinders.com, you have the possibility of finding and booking favourable special transports. You can compare freight forwarders and means of transport in a short matter of time and find the best price for your carriage. Whether, you want to ship goods with excess length, excess width, or excess weight – we have the right forwarder for your special transport.


Special transport sea freight

Via ship, various complex transports can be accomplished. This is why, you can profit from our partner network of trustwerthy sea freight forwarders and find the most favourable price for your route. Profit from our long-term experience and a cheap special transport via sea freight.


Special transport air freight

The fastest special transport can be accomplished via air freight. The velocity of the means of transport itself, but also the well organised schedules make this possible. At Freightfinders.com, you will find favourable offers for your special transport via air freight to transport your goods from A to B in a minimum of time.


Special transport rail freight

Benefit from an eco-friendly and fast way of transport and use our special transport offers for rail freight. On our platform, you will find cheap prices and long-term experience for an easy and smooth transport of your cargo.


Special transport truck freight

Special transports via truck are a flexible option for your transport. Whether it is a national or international transport - at Freightfinders.com, you will find favourable prices and competent partners for your carriage.