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With Freightfinders, you will find prices for reliable partner freight forwarders for your transport in a matter of minutes, without registration and for free. Benefit from our customs services & sea freight management. Let us help you concentrate on the important areas of your business by using our standardised messages to minimise the effort of communication.
Freightfinders, your online import & export container freight forwarder, can offer you anything from the transport itself to customs clearance, packaging and loading!
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Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


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You would like to use the service of our customs agency, but you have already booked your transport? Simply send us your transport details via our contact form and our customs broker will take care of your customs clearance.



Freightfinders the internet customs agency



Customs clearance of your transport

A transport without customs clearance is not imaginable in global trade. Still, for most, it is an unpopular task. Thus, at Freightfinders, we have decided to offer our users an all-round carefree package. Beside all the services concerning transport, our service also contains customs clearance and creating customs documents. During the booking process of your route, you can easily add the customs clearance service to your transport.
Learn in this article about customs clearance, our customs broker service and why employing this service is reasonable.


Difficulties during customs clearance

There are various customs documents and therefore, also numerous agreements, exceptions and requirements that have to be considered. Mistakes can occur easily and frequently, because of the lack of knowhow and experience of declaring goods. Applying for documents and filling in forms can present one with a challenge. All these facts often lead to negative consequences during the process of customs clearance. For one thing, they can cause a considerable delay during the transport and for another, they can also cause additional charges, because of e.g. failing to meet a deadline. Hence, be on the safe side by declaring or letting someone declare your goods thoroughly.


Advantages through correctly done customs clearance

Proper customs clearance is essential for a smooth and fast transport. It does not only lead to a quick clearance, but there is also a chance of saving money. With the right choice of documents and agreements, one can e.g. reduce import charges. An example for this are the preferential agreements.


Services provided by Freightfinders

We want to help you, making the best out of your transport and not waste time and money. On you can find explanations and information about various documents, which are needed for a successful customs clearance. Additionally, we are working with exclusive customs brokers, who have long-term experience. All details will be handled thoroughly and on time. Another service of our customs brokers is, the covering of security deposits. There are customs procedures, which require a security deposit, for example, if you want to import and export goods (e.g. for a trade fair) without paying any import charges. With Freightfinders, you will not have to cover these expenses by yourself. We will take this financial burden, and also others, such as the creation of documents, off of your shoulders.


List of customs documents

Here, you can find a list of documents, for which we have issued explanations, information, and for which we offer the service of creating.