General cargo and consolidated cargo transport


Freightfinders offers you the possibility to inform yourself about general cargo and consolidated cargo. What do these terms mean and how do these transports work? How can the costs be calculated and what can Freightfinders offer you? You will find out about this and more in this article. If questions remain open, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you organise your general cargo transport.


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General cargo Hamburg

If you want to ship your general cargo by vessel, we can offer you a shipment from Hamburg. We will pick up your freight from all around Germany and transport it the Hanseatic City. Shipping your goods from Hamburg to you is not a problem, as well. If you decide to use another means of transport, such as air freight, rail freight, or truck, you can choose international forwarders with an ideal network for an easy and smooth transport of your general cargo.


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Costs and price calculation of a general cargo transport

Putting general cargo together into one container is profitable for customers and forwarders. Especially, if there are many clients, the consolidated cargo transport can be cheap. The costs for general cargo are composed of:

  1. Collecting the general cargo from the client
  2. Handling at the freight forwarder’s storehouse
  3. Transport costs
  4. Handling at the destination storehouse
  5. Delivery costs


What does “general cargo” mean?

General cargo are goods that can be transported as a whole. Neither weight, nor size matter, as the term is not circumscribed exactly. There is no definition for general cargo. What is excluded from the term, however, is liquid freight, or bulk cargo. General cargo can not only be composed of one good, but out of several individual goods. These so called “collis” are mostly several little goods that are transported on pallets.


What does “consolidated cargo” mean?

Consolidated cargo is effectively the consequence of general cargo transports. The general cargo is consolidated to one freight and transported in one container. The network is crucial for consolidated cargo. The teamwork of the different forwarders is important, as well. Our clients, therefore, do not have to worry about things like handling or storing, which makes this kind of transport very comfortable.


Process of a general cargo transport

The process of general cargo transport is a master stroke of organisation. Well elaborated schedules and an ideal network of forwarders make a fast and safe transport, which is still cheap, possible.


From general cargo to consolidated cargo

First, the general cargo is collected and brought to a collective storehouse. There, the goods will be sorted, so that they can be shipped fast from the destination storehouse to the client. The criteria for this are e.g. the weight, or the destination. This general cargo will be put together to a consolidated cargo.


From consolidated cargo to general cargo

After the actual transport and the arrival at the destination storehouse, there will be an official delivery and handling of the goods. This means that the consolidated cargo is being broken down to the individual general cargo. Afterwards, they will be delivered to the client. With this perfectly organised transport chain, the consignor can have a smooth and still favourable transport.