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We at Freightfinders have made it our mission to make transports as easy and cheap as possible for our users. Hence, we offer useful services such as packaging, loading, load restraint, insurance and customs clearance. However, we also offer the service of container fumigation. This service is carried out by experienced fumigation agents and can be easily added during the booking of your transport. At Freightfinders, you will receive a cheap package deal for the complete process, including transport to and from the certified site.



Freightfinders transport & container fumigation - Your advantages:


 Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

 Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

 EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

 Full Service: customs, loading, fumigation, insurance, packaging



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What does “container fumigation” mean?

Generally speaking, container fumigation has the task of preventing pest infestation. This can be on the one hand about the product itself, for example in foodstuffs such as nuts or coffee. It is important here that the food remains a quality standard during transport and does not spoil before it arrives at its destination. On the other hand, container fumigation is about avoiding pest infestation abroad. Flora and fauna have to be protected in many countries, which is why the import and fumigation requirements of e.g. untreated timber for countries such as New Zealand and Australia are particularly stringent. The wood does not even have to be the imported good, but for example only the packaging material. For these reasons, the containers are fumigated with chemicals such as hydrogen phosphide, methyl bromide or sulfuryl fluoride. These can prevent the importation of pests or the destruction of the freight itself.


Attention: New regulations for exports to Australia and New Zealand

Please note the new regulations for goods with the following departure date:

1st September 2018 – 30th April 2019.

For this period, the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries have decided that sea freight shipments of certain commodity groups must be treated with sulfuryl fluoride or heat before importing them to Australia or New Zealand.

This regulation is intended to ensure that the agriculture of Australia and New Zealand is not affected by the importation of the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB). This is an agricultural pest, which has spread mainly throughout Europe. However, the BMSB has made it even further, which is why the following countries of origin are particularly affected by these regulations: USA, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Georgia, Romania and Russia.

Please make sure to book the container fumigation service early enough during this time, as this regulation can cause increased orders for this service and therefore a heavy utilisation of fumigation sites.


Difficulties of container fumigation

Since container fumigation is about working with toxic chemicals, it is important that only professionals handle it. This specialist must be in possession of a certificate in order to be able to release the container and to create a release certificate. In addition, this process must be carried out in a certified location. However, not only the fumigation itself has to be carried out in accordance with the container's prior inspection, but also the subsequent venting. The venting of the container can, for example, also take longer, depending on the load, be particularly dangerous and be influenced by other factors. It must therefore be carried out in a strictly controlled manner. Without any doubt, specific know-how and sophisticated technology is needed not only for the container fumigation and ventilation, but also for the different requirements and regulations of your international destinations.


Advantages with Freightfinders

So that you can enjoy a relaxed transport, we and our partner shipping companies ensure that your goods are transported to Hamburg to the place released for fumigation and afterwards sent directly on the way. The container fumigation itself is carried out by professionals with years of experience, who also know exactly the laws and requirements of the different countries. The complete container fumigation service is available at a cheap price and can be easily booked during the ordering process of your international transport. With Freightfinders you can enjoy a simple, fast and cheap transport of your cargo.


Container types for fumigation

Several types of containers are eligible for fumigation. From ISO containers to FCL and LCL containers to reefers – with Freightfinders, all lockable containers can be fumigated and thus safely shipped. Thereby, we can offer you a suitable solution for every freight.
Use our configurator today to book an international transport and container fumigation at a reasonable price.