Fulfillment Providers Germany – Find the Right Partner for your Business

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At Freightfinders, we have selected and analysed a few fulfilment providers for you. As with any business, it is important to choose the right partner company. To do this, it is necessary to consider exactly what is important in one's own business and which fulfilment service providers offer exactly the right range of services.

What to Look out for When Choosing the Right Fulfilment Provider?

Logistics is probably the main aspect of fulfilment. It's about getting products to the customer quickly, easily, and cheaply. Most fulfilment providers are experts on this matter. For this very reason, online traders must additionally define exactly where their company needs additional support. Because in the end, the value-added service can make up that little bit that brings your company to success..

List of Fulfillment Companies

Find here at a glance the list of fulfilment companies we have selected for you.

  • Byrd GmbH
  • LION GmbH
  • VDS GmbH
  • DHL Supply Chain by Deutsche Post AG
  • SCA Logistik & Fulfillment GmbH
  • YouSellWeSend GmbH
  • BFS Baur Fulfillment Solutions GmbH
  • PVS Fulfillment Service GmbH
  • Argo Fulfillment GmbH
  • FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfilment by Freightfinders

Freightfinders also offers you the opportunity to find suitable fulfilment providers for your online shop. Contact us by email or phone to arrange a telephone appointment. Would you like to learn more about our fulfilment service? Then click here, to learn more about our services

Byrd GmbH

Technology-driven fulfilment provider Byrd aims to offer their customers a scalable fulfilment service that includes a European network of over 20 fulfilment centres. The organic-certified warehouses ensure proper handling of organic products from receiving to shipping. Another feature is LOT tracking, which helps to sell and ship products after best-before date (first-in & first-out). Ecological packaging and same-day shipping are also part of this young fulfilment service provider's portfolio.


As a fulfilment provider, LION GmbH offers its customers the classic all-round service with an individual connection to the customer's software. From complete logistics to customs clearance, all areas are covered. Special packaging is also possible. The company has its own freight terminals as well as a direct rail connection, which can ensure that products are shipped quickly. The individual services of this fulfilment service provider can be selected individually or as a complete package.


With its central location, the fulfilment company VDS can ensure that goods are guaranteed to be delivered the next day. The end customer even has the opportunity to find out when the product can be delivered before placing the order via a bidirectional interface. The products can also be personalised. The fulfilment provider VDS also offers services specifically for start-ups, which are intended to enable high growth at low cost. Furthermore, software development, HACCP concept, and organic certification are among the specializations of this fulfilment company..

DHL Supply Chain by Deutsche Post AG

With more than 500 customers, DHL's fulfilment service is probably one of the largest fulfilment providers in Germany. The 30 logistics centres offer a very large network throughout Europe. This means that customers can also be offered same-day deliveries in important European markets. DHL Supply Chain has many years of experience, especially in the field of logistics.

SCA Logistik & Fulfillment GmbH

The family-run fulfilment company SCA specialises in webshops and online retailers and has its own IT, which facilitates the connection to many webshop systems. Even in the case of non-existent interfaces, the fulfilment provider and its developers will take care of creating a connection within one to two days. Retailers also have the option of tracking all data such as stocks, order status, etc., in real time. In addition to large storage areas with the latest technology and automated picking and shipping, the company also focuses on customisation..

YouSellWeSend GmbH

The Hamburg-based fulfilment service provider YouSeeWeSend offers a large international network that extends far beyond the borders of Germany. In addition to the local fulfilment centre, there are further locations in Europe and the USA, making worldwide sales and shipping easier for retailers. The fulfilment company looks after over 100 online retailers with a market turnover of over 100 million euros. Above all, they focus on maximum automation so that the online merchants can remain focused on their actual business.

BFS Baur Fulfillment Solutions GmbH

BFS, the subsidiary of Baur Versand and part of the Otto Group, has highly integratable IT systems with its own backend solution. In addition to fulfilment services in logistics, the company also offers value-added services for customer service, payment management and IT. This means that e-commerce merchants receive holistic support that covers all areas of the business.p>

PVS Fulfillment Service GmbH

PVS Fulfillment Service GmbH is part of the Beck Group, which has made a name for itself in business process outsourcing and e-commerce and is one of the European market leaders in the field of fulfilment. The "Presse Versand Service" (PSV) has made it its business to support its customers in many sectors of their business. Among other things, market strategy, accounting or even the performance of the shop system are scrutinised and adapted. In addition to logistics, customer service and finance, the fulfilment provider also offers marketplace services, product care, IT and e-shop services.

Argo Fulfillment GmbH

Like most fulfilment companies, Argo Fulfillment GmbH offers modular software solutions. The company attaches great importance to supporting its customers and therefore also offers the joint development of holistic communication strategies and marketing plans. Cooperation with other online retailers is also envisaged.

FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon is not only a marketplace for products, but also a fulfilment provider with a large network and considerable reach. They mainly take care of the logistical aspect. The size of this fulfilment company has the advantages of good networking, customer loyalty, etc., but they also work less individually with the traders.

Fulfilment by Freightfinders

Freightfinders also offers you the opportunity to find suitable fulfilment providers for your online shop. Contact us by email or phone to arrange a telephone appointment. Would you like to learn more about our fulfilment service? Then click here, to learn more about our services