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Pallet Types - What Are the Different Types of Pallets

Shipping pallets is one of the most common ways to send freight. Find out from us what criteria are used to make the decision and how you can find the right type of pallet for your transport.

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Avoid these Mistakes in Your Supply Chain Management

As more and more SCM is being demanded, more and more logisticians have to deal with this issue. So, the most important questions are, how to build this area in a meaningful and successful way – BUT also how to avoid mistakes.

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What sea container is right for my transport

40ft. High Cube Container, Reefer, Flat Rack,... – with so many container types, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your cargo. 

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Sea Freight Surcharges Explained - What do the abbreviations on my invoice mean?

You want to ship your cargo and you receive an offer on which countless abbreviations and technical terms are summarized. All of these stand for fees that can be added when transporting sea freight. It never hurts to look at a bill again. If you can then decipher what fees have been listed and check their relevance for your own transport, nothing can go wrong.

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Supply Chain Management - What is SCM?

When you're dealing with logistics, there's no way around Supply Chain Management. But what is actually the meaning behind this term? Supply Chain Management is implementing the value chain from A to Z. But what are the steps required?

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Incoterms 2020 - Information & Overview

Freightfinders provides the latest information on the Incoterms 2020, which the ICC published in September 2019. 

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Incoterms 2010: Overview and Short Information

With Freightfinders, you get a fast and easy to understand overview of the Incoterms 2010 by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).

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The Three Biggest Impacts of the Corona Pandemic on Global Logistics!

The Corona Pandemic has the world under control and the step back to normality or a new normal is still too big. Now, the task of the logistics industry is to work through the omissions that have arisen over the years, in order to get back on its feet soon and perhaps to prosper even more in the future.

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Brexit and its consequences on logistics

As expected, the consequences of Brexit were not long in coming. Already during the 2016 referendum, the number of shipments fell markedly, peaking in January 2021, when exports to the UK fell by 30% compared to the same period last year. 

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