The digital container terminal


Our application "FEWER" is a new type of terminal management software. This digitises all processes in a multimodal terminal and makes them more efficient through process optimisation. With FEWER, terminals can be managed and operated almost autonomously. This project has been funded by the European Union and is intended to be a building block for the promotion of the rail and waterway transport modes.



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Which modules does FEWER include ?



Truck scheduling, Train & barge planning

  • On click train & loading lists.
  • Automatically manage your local transports.
  • Automatic information transfer. 

Customer area & digital order entry

  • Online management of your customers.
  • Reduce telephone calls and EMails.
  • Booking per Webinterface, EDI, CSV.

Optimised Depot operation

  • Minimize driveways & container handlings.
  • Instructions for stacker drivers using mobile devices.
  • Save up to 60% of  your container movements.

Communication with the shipowners

  • Software based status reports for carrier. 
  • Informations are transmitted in real time.
  • Gain time for the important tasks. 





ZERO infrastructure costs


EXPERIENCE – customers with 40000 TEU / p.a. handling performance


KNOW HOW - Freightfinders have logistics experts, building the software


INDIVIDUAL adjustment possible


SCALABLE architecture – integration of multiple terminals possible


MULTIPLE redundant server systems provide maximum security




How much does FEWER cost?




No infrastructure costs


No costs for support & maintenance


Individual flat rate for installation


Small fee per container handling



Telephone: 030 577 005 47 3


FEWER is a SaaS-Solution. You do not need your own infrastructure, such as e.g. servers.

The costs for FEWER are composed of an individual setup fee and a small variable component for container handling. This makes FEWER the perfect application for terminals that want to save high fixed costs and that want to adjust costs to the demand.

Our basic understanding is that by using the software, you save a multiple of the costs that the software costs you monthly.

Feel free to contact us directly! We look forward to receiving your mail to which we will send you a date proposal on the same day for a phone call with you.




More Information



Truck scheduling & barge planning

Control your transport vehicles efficiently and fast. Integrate sub-companies into your vehicle pool and automate your complete local transport management. Your customers are also informed about all processes by automatically transmitted departure and arrival times, as well as special information.



Optimised depot operation

The costs increase due to long roads and unnecessary container handling. As a result, crane operators and reach stacker drivers are being instructed by mobile devices such as tablets. With the introduction of FEWER in a test terminal in Brandenburg, savings of 60% were achieved with the necessary container movements. The total capacity of the terminal has been increased by 29% without any renovation work.



Train or barge planning

Generate train lists /loading lists with all the data you need for timely communication with your partners at the push of a button.



Digital order entry

The customer is provided with various ways of digital order entry: Web interface, booking via EDI and CSV files. Don't waste time looking at your customers' order data.



Communication with shipowners

All necessary status messages are transmitted by the software to the carriers. As a result, depot keeping is extremely simplified, and the information is shared in real time.



Waybill – management

Save time by creating waybills on demand, which allows the processing times to be reduced to the minimum. This can dramatically increase the performance of the entire terminal.