Professional machinery transport with Freightfinders



Do you, for example, want to send machines to customers or your company is moving to a new location? Then, you can use Freightfinders to obtain a cheap offer of professional shipping companies for your machine transport. Through years of experience, our partners will find a suitable solution for each machine.


Freightfinders machinery transports - Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Please use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your machinery transport:



Difficulties with machinery transports

Machinery transports are particularly sensitive transport goods, as the freight is usually heavy and bulky. Especially agricultural machinery, such as tractors, mostly require a transport on long distances, because they tend to move slowly on roads and have high fuel consumption.
Another challenge in machinery transports is the technology inside, such as in industrial machine parts. It can be quite sensitive, which is why it is important to let professionals take care of load restraint and packaging.


Advantages with Freightfinders

Freightfinders helps you to reduce the downtime of the machines, which costs time and money, to a minimum and to complete the machinery transport as quickly as possible. Trust in our experience and technology – we will bring your machines safely and quickly to your destination.
Large machines can also be dismantled and then transported on euro-pallets or in individual containers in order to achieve a cheaper transport price.
Furthermore, at Freightfinders you can cover useful services for your machinery transport and at low prices.

  • Packaging: Especially in the case of sensitive technology inside, packaging is indispensable. This is one important way, you can be sure that your machinery transport will be carried out without damage.
  • Load restraint: The load restraint also ensures that your cargo is not damaged. Our professionals will therefore secure your machine transport with the utmost care.
  • Insurance: In order to be on the safe side, insurance of your machinery transport is advisable despite all precautions. Only by this, you are guaranteed to be protected from additional costs.
  • Customs clearance: If you are planning a cross-border machinery transport, it is important to clear the goods correctly. We will provide you with our experienced customs brokers for a smooth customs clearance.

Send us a request for your machinery transport and let our experts advise you.