Electronic transport with Freightfinders



Find an ideal partner for cheap and safe electronics transports with Freightfinders. To help you understand the difficulties of this cargo’s transport and why we can make it easier for you, we have summarised a few points for you in this article.




Shipping electronics with Freightfinders - Your advantages:


Find forwarders & compare means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

Network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


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What to look out for in an electronics transportation

The most important point for the safe transport of these products is the protection of the sensitive electronics. That is why, it is particularly important that it is well packaged and secured. One problem with electronics transportation is that they are often at risk of theft. It is therefore especially important that it is clearly defined, who bears the risk and when.
Since electronic transport can be about the smallest parts as well as larger devices, these goods require a wide range of modes of transport, such as pallet, container (LCL or FCL) or special transport..


Our services for your electronic transport

Get an overview of suitable services for your electronics transport.

  • In order for the transport of electronics to already begin smoothly, you will find partners with us who will also take over the packaging, loading and load restraint for you. Thereby, you can make sure, everything is handled professionally. In order for the carrier to have an accurate overview of which goods you ship and thus not make any mistakes, the loading is documented every step of the way.
  • Choose the right one for your goods from different modes of transport. Whether it is a pallet, LCL container, FCL container or even a special transport – you will find a suitable mode of transport for all goods. In the case of containers, we also offer GPS tracking so that you know, where your electronics are at all times.
  • If your electronic transport is a cross-border transport, you will also find professionals for your customs clearance with Freightfinders. This gives you a quick and affordable transport without sudden additional costs and delays due to errors during customs clearance.
  • The most important additional service for an electronics transport is the insurance. This does not give you an unpleasant surprise, if damage occurs during the transport of your sensitive electronics.

With Freightfinders, you will get full-service electronics logistics and enjoy a cheap and safe transport.