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Full Truck Load Shipping

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At Freightfinders.com you will find cheap FTL transport and reliable Full Truck Load carriers for your next shipment. Compare prices and providers in no time and benefit from our freight forwarding network. Search for your route today with our freight cost calculator and submit a non-binding request!




Was ist FTL (Full Truck Load) und für wen ist er?


FTL is an abbreviation, which stands for "Full Truck Load”. We are therefore exclusively talking about the transport with trucks. When using a Full Truck Load service, the truck is only used for the load of one single customer and it hence, does not have to be reloaded. The cargo is either very large or a high number of the cargo is loaded. Full Truck Load shipping is to be equated with the Full Container Load (FCL) transport, since also here a complete load is shipped. However, this takes place in the container instead of in the truck.
Full Truck Load primarily appeals to customers who appreciate the advantages of high loading capacity and want to ship their freight as a full load. If a certain time constraint or planning reliability also plays a role, Full Truck Load service is the right choice for you. If your goods do not completely fill the truck, then LTL transport may be another option for you.

What Are the Measurements of a Full Truck Load?


Truck: Measurements and Loading Capacity

In order for an FTL Transport to be profitable, the capacities of a truck should be fully utilized. The loading area depends heavily on the type of truck. Trucks are usually 2,45m wide and vary in height approximately between 2,40m and 2,70m. In length, however, there are the biggest differences which is therefore the decisive point for the Full Truck Load carriers and Full Truck Load shipping.

You do not know the exact cubic meters of your freight? Use our Cubic Meter Calculator and find cheap prices for your freight!


How Many Pallets Fit in a Truck Load?

The most commonly used type of truck by Full Truck Load carriers is the semitrailer (also called articulated truck) with the dimensions 13.6m x 2.45m x 2.70m. This means that there are ca. 90 cubic meters available to you. Therefore, with a Full Truck Load, you can ship about 34 EURO pallets or 26 industrial pallets.

What Is the Maximum Weight of a Truck Load?

If you choose a FTL transport, you have a lot of space for your freight. However, you have to consider that the maximum weight for your freight may not be heavier than 25 tons.





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