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Container stuffing & load restraint

Concerning the export from Germany, the service of container loading, also called container stuffing, is being outsourced by industrial and trading companies more and more. Let freight experts from Germany handle your container loading and the load restraint of your freight – Freightfinders and their partner forwarders will help you with every step.

Let logistic experts from Germany handle your container loading and the load restraint of your sea freight, rail freight, or truck freight – Freightfinders and their partner forwarders will help you with every step. Find cheap routes with our configurator and include easily and fast the container loading and load restraint service to your transport.


Your advantages through container loading with


Efficiency through individual constructed stowage plans

Long-term experience in container loading & load restraint

Intelligent technology for container storing

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Container loading and load restraint for sea freight, rail freight and truck transports

No matter, which means of transport you choose – be it ship, train, or truck – a container is always exposed to outside influences during transport. This is why, the most important points for getting cargo save to the recipient, are packaging and load restraint. Learn in this article, how you can protect your sea freight, rail freight, and truck transport perfectly with Freightfinders.


Load restraint – Let a German specialist company do the load restraint

If you wish to ship goods in a rail freight, truck freight, or sea freight container, the goods have to be secured at the highest standard. The load restraint must ensure that the cargo will not shift, nor tilt after loading a shipping container. Insufficient load restraint risks not only damage to your goods, but also the safety of people during the whole transport of the container on ships, ports, terminals and roads. If you want your goods to arrive safely at the consignee, you should make sure that your goods are secured professionally, when loading a shipping container. Moreover, there are container loading regulations that should be followed. Our partners have years of experience regarding container loading and load restraint of which you can profit.


Profitability vs. load restraint – We take care of both

It does not pay to cut down on load restraint costs to cut overall costs. Still, many companies try and experience the negative consequences often enough.
This does not have to be the case. The placing of these orders to external companies ensures maximum flexibility and allows access to the experience of service contractors regarding an optimal level of load restraint of every single container loading process.


Contestability – Service contractors reducing costs and clear up space

These commercial facts effect on the economy of your administrative and operative costs. Increasing cost pressure in all industries reveals weaknesses more and more frequently.


Reduction of staff costs:

Pay only for services actually needed. Service contractors, who are specialised on loading rail, truck and sea freight containers, load many containers daily. The costs for technique and staff can thereby be distributed in a better way.


Reduction of storage spaces:

You can let your goods be picked up directly from production and therefore benefit from the free of charge storage spaces at the handling facilities of the contractors or at the container stowage. If you are planning on a longer period of storage, and/or if you want to combine various suppliers in one container, turn to favourable storage spaces.


Expertise – individual stowage plans & years of experience

Every container loading process can be different to another. Often, the planned measurements do not fit reality. This can lead to problems, as sometimes only a few centimetres are crucial for rail, truck, or sea freight container loading.

In many cases, improvisation on a highly technical and organisational level is vital. Hence, it pays that the partner companies have long-term experience and a technical infrastructure that can still ensure the container loading process to be fast.


Material procurement for load restraint

Stowage companies have a vast consumption of material, which is necessary for a save container stuffing with rail, truck, or sea freight cargo. Therefore, they are over purchasing on very good purchase conditions directly from the producers.


Documentation of the container loading process

Automatically receive pictures of the incoming goods, the handling and the fully packed container. Because it is not enough to send pictures only of the fully loaded container, you will get pictures throughout the process of the container loading (quarter, half, three-quarter and completely loaded container).
This creates transparency and you will have the respective proof for your customers overseas.


Example documentation - container Loading & load restraints

► Picture documentation: Process of container loading Empty Container

Cargo loading 1 container loading & load restraints: cargo 1

container loading & load restraints: cargo 1

container loading & load restraints: cargo 1

container loading & load restraints: cargo 1

Cargo loading 2 Cargo loading 2

Cargo loading 3 Cargo loading 3

Cargo loading 4 & 5 container loading & load restraints: cargo 4 & 5

Full container container loading & load restraints completed

container loading & load restraints completed

► Picture Documentation: Container-seal

Closed container before sealing closed container before sealing

closed container before sealing

container seal seafreight container with container-seal


Container loading & packaging of special cargo

Extreme package (concerning weight and measurements) will bring all of your technology to the limit during the container loading and the load restraint. Often, the cargo cannot be moved through conventional technology, after it has been packed ideally and seaworthy. If that is the case, special equipment and a special technique is needed, which container stowage companies provide.

Specialists will adapt complex packing lists to stowage lists. With this list, trained storemen will load the cargo properly. The choice of a good container stowage company can even reduce costs, as efficient stowage plans can lead to a reduction of the amount of containers.

► Picture documentation: Loading of plant sections into wooden boxes and onto floors (9,5m total length, 2 levels, 11t total weight)

Cargo before the loading process Seafreight - Cargo before the loading process

Seafreight Container loading Seafreight Container loading

Loaded & ready to ship Container loading completed


Efficient transport: technology & infrastructure

Our contractors are located either directly at the ports or in the inland near train, barge, or truck terminals. Thereby, we are able to load every type of shipping containers, even those with special equipment such as open top, reefer, and flat rack containers.
Thus, you can save twice as much: you can cut down on container stowage costs and also on costs for the transport to the port or terminal of other transport modes. We have special discount rates in our rail, truck, and sea freight calculator for all stowage companies.


From euro-pallets to aircraft turbines – everything can be shipped

Whether 11 euro-pallets in a 20ft. sea freight container (pic.) with minimum effort, or a 20t aircraft turbine (pic.) sealed in special screen for maximum corrosion prevention – there is almost nothing that cannot be shipped. Together with product specialists, our partners are developing strategies for container loading and transport.
If your goods require special protection, please contact our service contractors.

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