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Chain of transport: Port-to-port shipping

A typical port-to-port transport does not have a transport chain. It is, at least, not taken into account when booking, because in a port-to-port transport you only have the so-called main run. This usually starts and ends at a port. The various means of transport, such as ships, airplanes, trains and trucks, can be used for the main run. The pre-carriage and on-carriage are organised independently by yourself, if necessary. It is not the case, if you e.g. have your own rail connection or port, because then you are not dependent on pre-carriage and on-carriage.


How to save money with a port-to-port shipping

Port-to-port transport is profitable especially for experienced companies. The pre-carriage and on-carriage must be self-organised, which means that a certain know-how, as well as your own means of transport or forwarding equipment are needed, if you do not have a direct connection to the port. This can help save large sums of money, as you do not have to hire external freight forwarders. Even greater cost savings can be achieved with a port-to-port transport, if you have your own port, rail connection or the like. In addition, one is more independent in the timing, except for the main run schedules.


Port-to-port Incoterms

Incoterms are used for a port-to-port shipping as well. However, none of these only cover transport from port to port. In most cases, either the pre-carriage or on-carriage is covered financially, insurance-wise or customs-wise by the buyer or seller. The following Incoterms can be applied to a port-to-port transport under certain conditions:

  • C-Clause: CFR, CIF, CPT und CIP
  • D-Clause: DDP, DAP und DAT

These types of clauses differ only in who assumes the risks of transportation.
First and foremost, the Incoterm CFR is a advisable for port-to-port shipping, as it only covers the transport up to the port of arrival. The other Incoterms mentioned are valid until delivery to a place decided in advance. However, as this can also be the port, these Incoterms could also be used in a port-to-port transport.