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Find cheap moving quotes and experienced long distance movers for your international relocation. Organise your company relocation to the USA, Canada, Australia, China, or any destination world wide – we have all international routes for a safe and fast transport of your cargo. Be it self-organised moving, or a full-service package executed by our international movers – at, you have every possibility and cheap moving quotes.

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Services for moving abroad by our international moving company

If you are choosing our full service moving company, you are choosing a smooth and fast removal abroad. Every detail will be planned and executed thoroughly, as for example the import/export customs clearance. Thereby, you can be sure that even big and complicated relocations will run smoothly with the help of our international movers. Be it a company relocation, an office relocation, an employee relocation, or a relocation of private persons – every branch will be organised meticulously by experienced international movers.


Long distance movers

We want to offer our clients every possible relocation destination – be it short or long distance. This is why we are working with long distance moving companies, who have the know-how to take care of any international relocation. Moving far away can often be complicated and time-consuming. However, our movers have long term experience in keeping the relocation as fast and safe as possible. Thereby, you will have as little hassle as possible. Trust our long distance movers, so you can enjoy a smooth relocation.


Moving costs for international destinations

Calculate the costs for your international relocation with Freightfinders. With our freight costs calculator, you can find routes and book them with one of our cheap means of transport. Thereby, you will get low moving quotes and a fast transport.


Full service moving company for firm and office relocations

If you are planning a firm or office relocation, our international moving company offers you a package that simplifies the process for you. Current and new premises will be visited to create ideal site plans. If needed, our international moving company will also apply for special permissions for you as part of the moving service. Everything will be coordinated with the human resources department, so that your business can run as smoothly as possible. Our office movers do also have all technology and packing material needed for moving overseas safely and fast. Moreover, it will also be taken care of disassembly and montage, so you do not have to! At all times, there will be a person of contact for you, supporting the whole process of the global relocation.


Relocation of employees

Our relocation specialist places special importance on the mobility policy, which is why not only a standard moving service is offered. You or your employee will get local support with every step of the immigration. When moving overseas, you will get assistance in looking for new homes, schools if needed, etc. and you will also get support for the settling in with e.g. useful tips or language courses. You will also be getting help with the remigration by our relocation specialist – from the administrative tasks to the moving itself. The goal is, making this big change as easy as possible for you.


Moving as a private person

Here, you can also find a relocation service for private persons for moving overseas stress-free and fast. Packaging and loading of your cargo will be inspected for a safe transport. Moreover, customs clearance will be taken care of, as it can often be rather difficult. If necessary, your goods can also be stored for a short or long term by our long distance movers. Thereby, you are staying flexible during your international relocation.


Self-organised international relocations with Freightfinders

At, you can organise the relocation yourself. Find and book transports with our configurator to get your goods cheap to their destination. Moreover, we offer further useful services, which you can use for moving fast and individually.


Our transport costs calculator is currently under construction. During this time, prices can only be inquired via our contact-form. Soon, we will launch our new configurator, which will help you, find and book cheap prices fast and easy again.


If you want to self-organise a relocation, you have to arrange the single options yourself. To help you, we compiled a list with services that you can use for a fast and individual international relocation:

  • Choice of means of transport and route
  • Choice of container (if needed)
  • Packaging, loading and load restraint
  • Customs clearance
  • Transport insurance (if needed)


Means of transport for moving overseas

Find cheap companies for international relocations on our platform. Compare forwarders and means of transport (sea freight, rail freight, air freight, or truck freight) for cheap relocation costs and a professional carriage.


Moving containers for international destinations

We offer cheap moving containers for your international relocation. You can choose between various container types, such as e.g. standard ISO containers, high cube containers, or open top containers in the sizes 20ft. Or 40ft. Hence, you have numerous possibilities for your carriage. Moreover, you can use either FCL or LCL containers for your international removals. With the so called breakpoint calculation, we can tell you, which alternative is the more favourable one. Still, the decision, which type to use, is yours. Please note that containers are not used for air freight transports.


Special transports for your international relocation

Often, problems arise during moving abroad, because of overly big, heavy, or delicate goods. For this reason, you will find the option of special transports at Be it a huge machine, or delicate technology – with us, you can transport anything safe and fast during your international relocation.


Packaging, loading and load restraint

Services that are especially interesting for moving overseas are packaging, loading and load restraint. These enable a safe transport of your goods and hasten these processes with well elaborated stowage plans. Still, you should note that no disassembly, nor unloading or assembly is included in these services.


Customs clearance for international relocations

Freightfinders is happy to take care of import/export customs clearance for you. The declaration of goods should by no means be disregarded, as e.g. irregularities in the documents can delay moving abroad significantly. Still, our customs broker’s long-term experience will enable a smooth clearance and therefore a fast transport.


Transport insurance for moving abroad

Despite of all arrangements, damage or loss can occur when moving overseas. These additional costs can be avoided by covering a transport insurance. Be on the safe side and cover your freight insurance easily and fast over our platform before moving abroad.