20ft. ISO Container
Measurements, weight, volume, area & transport


The probably most common way of transporting goods is a container transport. Especially ISO containers in the sizes 20ft. or 40ft are very popular. Freightfinders provides you with all information about cargo containers, such as the actual measurements, what can be shipped with it, or how to get the best price and a safe transport.

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20ft. ISO containers are standardised containers, which are also called TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit). The ISO rules describe the characteristics of the container, e.g. the measurements or the transport capacity. ISO container simplify the national and international transport and shorten the shipping time. The reason for this are the standardised measurements, which make loading, unloading and piling easy and fast.


ISO standard – 20ft. container measurements

The measurements of containers have an important role in transport. Mostly, the forwarders need the outside measurements and the client the internal dimensions.

In the following chart, you will find the key data:



Internal Measurements

 Measurements in meter Length Width Height
 Internal Measurements 20 Feet Container   5,90 m   2,35 m   2,39 m 




Outside Measurements 20 feet Container

 Measurements in meter Length Width Height
 Outside Measurements 20 feet Container   6,06 m   2,44 m   2,59 m 




Empty weight, maximum weight, maximum additional load of 40 feet ISO Containers

 Empty weight of a 20 feet container:  2.250 kg
 Maximum weight (with load) of a 20ft. Container:  30,480 kg 
 Maximum additional load of a 40ft. containers:  28.230 kg


The container weight of 2.250kg can be expanded to a total weight of 30.480kg, which means that 28.230kg can be loaded into the container.




Volume & area of 40 feet Containers

 maximum area of a 20 ft. Container:  13,88m2 
 maximum volume of a 20ft. Container:   33,1m3 


the volume of such a 20ft. ISO container is 33,1m3 and the area is 13,88m2.




FCL and LCL transports

ISO containers offer you the possibility of shipping your goods as FCL or LCL freight. You are in need of a whole container (FCL), or just a part of it (LCL)? We help you, decide and calculate the most favourable option for your transport. Learn more about it, here!


Calculating freight costs for ISO Containers

Several components are used to calculate the costs for a container transport. The route, container size, the goods – all these things influence the costs. The effort has to be considered, as well. Moreover, there are administrative costs, e.g. for customs clearance. To get an overview of your costs, we provide you with a freight costs calculator.


Containers and safety

With Freightfinders, you have the possibility of transporting your 20ft. ISO container safely. The best way to get your goods from A to B safely is professional load restraint, container seals, as well as covering a transport insurance. Protect your goods from damages and yourself from additional costs.


Container loading & Load restraint

A professional load restraint is the best way to protect your goods from damages. The transport can often be hard on your freight, especially on rough sea, which is why it is important, to not only shield your goods from the outside, but to secure them on the inside, as well. Click here to learn more about load restraint.


Container seals

Container seals ensure that your container cannot be invaded. This is why at Freightfinders.com, with every booking, you are getting a container seal for free. If you want to get more information about this, click here to read our article on this issue.


Transport insurance

In spite of all precautions, there is still a risk of goods being damaged. As the liability of the carriers is mostly limited, it is more than advisable to cover a transport insurance and, thereby, avoid additional charges. Learn about transport insurance here.


Means of transport for cheap container transports

At Freightfinders.com, you can choose between several means of transport to ship a 20ft. ISO container. No matter, for which one you want to settle – on our platform, you will find favourable prices for fast and safe transports. Use our free-of-charge configurator to find cheap prices for international routes.


20ft. containers via ship

Ship your 20ft. ISO container via ship and profit form cheap prices even for long distance transports. Compare forwarders at Freightfinders.com and find the best offer for your route.


20ft. containers via truck

Transporting ISO containers via truck is a favourable and flexible way of getting goods to your destination. Find one of our numerous world wide routes in just a matter of minutes and book a smooth transport today.


20ft. containers via rail freight

Use a fast and eco-friendly type of transport by choosing rail freight to ship your 20ft. ISO container. Here, you will find favourable prices for national and international transports.