Release for free circulation
creation & explanation



The first customs procedure named in the UCC (Union Customs Code) is the release of goods for free circulation. What this procedure is, how it works and why you should leave the creating of the documents to the professionals – all this information can be found in the following article.


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Creating documents for the release for free circulation documents with Freightfinders

The release of goods for free circulation is a procedure that takes a relatively big effort. Without experience and know-how, this customs procedure is time-consuming and complicated. This is why, we at Freightfinders decided with our partners, to offer you help with this task. We will take care of the paper work and of your goods being released for free circulation correctly and fast.


What is the release for free circulation?

The release for free circulation is the most important customs procedure. It offers you the possibility to turn the status of your non-Union goods to goods with EU status. Hence, it is mainly applied for goods, which are supposed to stay permanently in the customs territory of the EU.
The requirements for this procedure are the payment of import charges, such as customs duties and import sales tax.


Customs procedure for the release for free circulation

To release goods for free circulation, a customs declaration of an authorised economic operator is necessary. Exceptionally, the applicant does not have to be a resident of the EU, as long as he/she is applying for releasing goods for free circulation not more than ten times a year.
This application will be accepted by customs, whereupon the correctness and completeness of the papers and goods will be examined. The papers will be checked for authenticity, data and validity. The goods will be examined as thoroughly. Therefore, additionally to presenting the goods to customs, they will sometimes take samples to examine.
As soon as this procedure is done, particulars of the examination carried out will be handed over. If all the data is complete and correct, the application will be accepted and granted. A reason for the application not being accepted, is e.g. an authorisation missing.