EORI Number
creation & explanation



The term EORI Number does occur everywhere, when talking about the import/export business with the EU. This is why Freightfinders offers its services in this area. Find out, what we can offer you in this following article. Additionally, you can find information about what an EORI Number is, if you already have it, when you need it and how to apply for it.


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Applying for EORI – Creating documents with Freightfinders

As it is the case for any document, there is a lot of technical jargon. The EORI Number does not constitute an exception. The forms, the additional documents and other details are often unintelligible and complicated. This is why, we at Freightfinders want to offer you help with the creation of your documents. We and our partner firms can help you with advice and by applying for the EORI Number for you. Our customs brokers are experts with long-term experience in this area. Use our services and profit from a fast and uncomplicated shipping of your freight.


EORI Number Check

You are not sure about, if you have a valid EORI Nr.? That is no problem. You can find it by turning to the customs administration, or by checking the EU database. If you have one and want to check the validity, you can use the link below. However, you should not only undertake an EORI Number check of your own one, but you should also check the number of your affiliates, as this is determined by the Union Customs Code. It is advisable to print the information in the presence of a witness, who should be able to attest it. This way, if there occur any irregularities, you can prove that you did your duty of checking the EORI Number. With the following link, you can check your and your affiliates’ EORI Number by typing in a seven-digit number.

With the following link, you can check your and your affiliates’ EORI Number by typing in a seven-digit number. Economic Operator Identification and Registration


What is an EORI Number and when do you need it?

The EORI Number (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) was introduced 2009 and is since replacing the customs number. It is allocated exclusively in the EU and is mandatory for customs clearance and the trade with and between European countries. Different from the customs number, every company has solely one EORI Nr., even if there are several branch offices. The task of EORI is the identification of economic operators towards the customs administration. Private persons who will apply a maximum of ten times for customs declaration will not need this document, unless the goods are a subject to authorisation to the customs. Apart from that, every exporter or importer should apply for the EORI Number. For exporting or importing, this document is absolutely mandatory for customs clearance. When trading with third countries, the participants of said country will also need EORI. This participant can apply for the number in the country, with which he/she is trading.


EORI Number application

If you do not have an EORI Number, but you are in need of one, because you want to export or import soon, Freightfinders will help you gladly, solving this problem. Usually, the application for this number takes approximately three to four weeks. The application to register and get an EORI Number can, however, be done at the same time as the process of shipping the goods. As this can only be done by a service company, we will gladly take over this task for you. The only thing we need and before you can send your goods on the way, is for you to give us a proxy.