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With Freightfinders, you have the possibility to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the topic of customs clearance, or just refresh your knowledge. However, you can also acquire new and good knowhow. The whole area of customs clearance is rather large and bristled with detail. From bureaucracy and the filling in of numerous forms, through to various agreements, as well as free trade areas with each of them having own guide lines. Every little detail is set and to keep an overview of all this is not easy and requires a lot of experience and knowhow. This is the reason, why we offer you informational texts, as well as trainings for you and your employees.



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Customs clearance training

Customs clearance is an extensive task and almost not manageable without experience. As, through mistakes during customs clearance, negative consequences can follow, it is important to declare your goods correctly. This saves you additional time exposure and also additional costs. The right knowhow can not only spare you additional time and costs, but it can also offer financial advantages, for example through preferential agreements. This is why, we offer trainings for you and your employees on customs law and everything coming with customs clearance.


Information and explanations on customs clearance

As, during import and export business, you cannot get around customs clearance, we decided to offer several services in this field. In addition to experienced customs brokers, who will gladly take care of your clearances, we have also gathered information and written explanations for you to acquire. This can help you, get some first information about customs clearance and declaring goods by yourself. Still, if you feel unsure, or if you simply do not have the time for doing it yourself, you can refer to our offer of declaring your goods and creating documents.


Informational texts on customs clearance and -documents

On the left side, you will find a list of customs documents and procedures, which are covered by our services.