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Every transport is only as good as its customs clearance service.
Additional charges for higher pass-though time or, years later, the tax audit can be consequences for mistakes made during the process of customs clearance. A proper customs clearance can save you costs and nerves during the transport procedure.

As we want our customers to have access to first-class customs clearance services from the beginning, we have got into an exclusive business partnership with a true German heavyweight in this business field.


Your advantages through custom clearence with


  1. Know How - specially trained experts
  2. Long-term experience in seafreight import & export - Benefit from our contacts to German freight forwarder
  3. Exclusive Freightfinders customs broker
  4. Compare freight forwarders, find the best price and export/import your cargo from/to Germany


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Favourable Customs Clearance for Exports from Germany into the whole world

If you are planning on exporting goods from Germany or the E.U., you will need customs papers and services to use these documents correctly. can explain, what you will need. This service can be found in our customs clearance shop for an immediate purchase.


  1. EORI Number

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    Trade companies in transnational goods traffic need an EORI-Number. You can apply for this document at customs clearance:

    If you need any help applying for the EORI-Number, we will gladly undertake this task for you.


  2. Creating an Export Accompanying Document

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    We recommend creating an Export Accompanying Document. Even if it is only necessary as from a merchandise value of over 1000 Euros, it is convenient to create this document. It helps avoiding questions from the customs and increases the traceability of your export in future controls of customs and tax office.

    Either, the goods have to be presented physically to the next available customs, or we will register for an inspection off the customs’ premises. This could take place at the premises of your company, at your storage site or the storage site of your storage service provider. Customs clearance need a 24-hours period at which the goods have to be available. Usually, customs only come, if there is reasonable doubt about the correctness of the export declaration or if the export underlies certain restrictions.

    We will create your document fast and easy.


  3. T2L / T2LF

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    If goods are to be transported from or into tax territories of the union, a proof of community status of the goods can be given on presentation of the shipping document T2LF.

    • Canary Islands
    • E.U. Countries (if transported by ship i.e. Hamburg to Malaga, Spain)
    • Channel Islands
    • French Overseas Departments
    • (Martinique, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Réunion, French Guiana und Saint-Martin)
    • Aland islands

    We will create your T2L / T2LF document easy and fast.


  4. 4. Movement Certificate – EUR.1

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    Various countries have trade agreements with Germany. Create a EUR.1 and your customer will in some circumstances save customs duty when importing. This also raises your contestability in international trade.

    We will check the preferences and create the EUR.1 at a fixed price.


  5. Carnet A.T.A.

    More Informations

    Are you exporting goods like professional equipment, trade fair goods, or other goods only temporarily and do you want to import them again customs-free? A Carnet A.T.A will save you the costs.

    We will create yourCarnet A.T.A. document fast and easy


  6. Movement Certificate A.TR.

    More Informations

    If you want to export to Turkey, you will need an A.TR. certificate. With this document, the consignee can import goods customs-free.
    Besides the A.TR., you will need an export declaration from a merchandise value of 1000 € or 1000 kg.



Favourable Customs Clearance for Imports to Germany

You want to import goods from a third country e.g. China to Germany? explains, which opportunities there are and offers the most convenient service.


  1. Import Declaration Directly at the Port

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    For the purpose of clearance for free movement of goods, an import declaration is the most common choice. The goods will be declared on time directly at the customs system. Customs needs, depending on the amount of shipments, several days to clear the import declaration. Hence, if you want to have enough time to prepare for inquiries, a perfectly synchronised execution is crucial.

    If your goods are already at the destination port, you have to calculate on additional charges. If the import declaration is planned thoroughly, it often is the most favourable option, as unnecessary stops only have to be executed at somebody’s comand

    The most important component is the correct customs tariff number of your goods. If you are not sure, which is the right customs tariff number, we will help you gladly.

    All information is subject to change. If you wish for a binding information from customs, we will help you with it as well. We will create you import declaration fast and easy directly at the port.



  2. Import Declaration In-Country (at the responsible customs in your area)

    More Informations

    If your goods are being checked often or if the underlie certain requirements e.g. textiles or food, then the better option for you is choosing customs in-country. Therefore, a [T1 shipping procedure] will be opened at the port and the goods will be transported duty unpaid to the in-country customs. There, it will be presented and cleared for free movement of goods.

    However, this options needs an extra stop (multi stop) at the local customs, which can lead to additional charges transport-wise.

    We will create you import declaration in-country fast and easy.



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