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Finding and Booking German Shipping Companies


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We offer you the service of comparing freight forwarding companies fast and easily. Instead of obtaining many offers of numerous companies, you have the opportunity to find and book suitable and attractive offers for your shipment within just a few minutes. All our partner shipping companies are very reliable and have long-term experience at shipping containers. Only by this it is possible to guarantee quality and trust in our shipping services. Try it and see for yourself.

Use Freightfinder’s sea freight configurator to find particularly favourable forwarders for your container shipment!
Do you miss a route or a specific port? Provide us with your details and we update our system within 24h and send you a direct quote!


Which opportunities does Freightfinders.com offer you?

We offer you not only the opportunity to compare German shipping companies, but also the possibility to control your shipment and monitor it through a GPS system. By doing this, you have full transparency and supervision over your cargo transport. Besides these advantages, you can choose best rated forwarder from a list of German shipping companies. All these ratings were given solely by real customers and can help your decision making. You can help other customers as well, by rating your shipping agent after your shipment.


What do our partner forwarders offer?

As we mostly take care of the calculation of sea freight rates and of course also of the sea freight comparison, we started to collaborate with partner forwarders with a long-term experience. This way, we can offer you an all-round service.


Transport Packaging by professional freight forwarders

Transport packaging of your freight should always play a major role within the organisation of your transport, as this is the first step of making sure that your cargo will arrive safely at your chosen destination. We offer you the expertise of freight forwarders to ensure a carefree transport of your goods.


Container Loading and Load Restraint Done by Experts

Regardless of whether it is a LCL or a FCL container – our freight forwarding partners will take care of the containers being properly loaded and the goods being properly secured, as these are further prominent steps of ensuring a safe transport. Additionally, the freight forwarders can safe money and time for you, as e.g. by elaborating sophisticated stowage plans. For you to be up to date, our german shipping companies offer a gapless documentation of this process, which provides total transparency. Benefit from this service and let the professionals do the technically and organisationally demanding work.


Sea Freight Insurance for a Carefree Transport

Despite of all precautions and thoroughness – there is no guarantee for no damage during the transport. This is why we strongly recommend to cover sea freight insurance. Our partners provide attractive offers at accessible prices and therefore ensure a carefree transport of your goods.


Customs Clearance Made Easy

Customs clearance is one of the most important and, at the same time, one of the most complicated points during the organisation of a sea freight transport. Mistakes can not only cost time, but also money. Hence, we offer you the service of a customs broker, who will make sure, everything is properly declared. This will prevent any time consuming delays and additional payments.


Hamburg Shipping Companies

At the moment, you will find freight companies operating from and to Hamburg, Germany. However, this does not pose a problem. Your containers will be picked up by freight forwarding companies throughout Germany and brought to Hamburg. If you are importing your cargo, we will pick it up from Hamburg and deliver it throughout Germany as requested.


Hamburg – Key Point of Maritime Traffic

One might also say: “from Hamburg into the world”. The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is one of the top 20 container ports in the world. Hamburg is also the biggest universal port of Germany and therefore, it offers everything needed – be it freight forwarders or incredibly good accessibility. This very good transport connections provide endless possibilities for the customer. This is why Hamburg is the best choice for international transport.


Shipping Services Worldwide

German shipping companies will deliver your cargo from Germany to international destinations or vice versa. If you were not able to find your destination port, do not worry. We will gladly obtain the offer of shipping companies for you.


Become a provider at freightfinders and benefit!
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