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Andorra ranked 25th in terms of gross domestic product per capita in US Dollars in 2019. The country's top export products are integrated circuits, orthopaedic appliances, and essential oils. Imports are mainly cars, refined petroleum and perfumes. Andorra trades its products mainly with Spain, France and the USA.
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Services by Freightfinders

Get a quick overview of the services you can enjoy when booking a Andorra transport with Freightfinders.

  • Full-service transport: Our services such as packaging, loading, load restraint, customs clearance or insurance will give you a relaxed transport from experienced Andorra freight forwarders.
  • Transport costs calculator: For the calculation of your transport costs, you can use our tool free of charge and without registration.
  • Modes of transport: In addition to sea freight, air freight, rail and truck transport, our portfolio also includes pre-carriage, on-carriage, door-to-door and port-to-port.


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Customs Clearance Andorra

Andorra, which lies between France and Spain, is neither part of the European Union nor the EMU. However, it does have bilateral treaties under international law.

  • The customs union between the EU and Andorra states that when industrial products from Andorra are traded, they are considered to be originated in the EU.
  • Since 1991, when trading agricultural products from Andorra, the country is considered a non-EU member.
  • There has been an agreement on the taxation of savings since 2004, with which the EU has committed itself to cooperation in matters such as the environment (especially waste disposal), transport and trans-European transport.


Container Transport Andorra

Find suitable partners and cheap quotes for your full container transport to/from Andorra. Use our freight cost calculator to book your route today.


Pallet Transport Andorra

Pallets can be shipped easily and at a low price with Freightfinders. Choose one of our experienced freight forwarders and benefit from fast Andorra transports.


Vehicle Transport Andorra: Car, Motorcycle and Co.

You can transport your car, motorbike and co safely and cheaply to/from Andorra with our Freightfinders network. Find a suitable offer with our freight cost calculator.


Relocation Andorra

Create an individual Andorra removal by choosing the carrier and transport route that suits you best. You have a wide range of offers at your disposal.


Sea Freight Andorra

Plan your Andorra transport with our sea freight forwarders. This way you will get cheap transports by experienced partners.


Air Freight Andorra

Your freight arrives particularly quickly with our air freight forwarders for Andorra transports. Use our freight cost calculator and get quotes quickly and easily.



Rail Freight Andorra

Ship your goods to/from Andorra and find a suitable freight forwarder and the right offer for you.


Truck Transport Andorra

With an Andorra transport by truck you can book your shipment especially flexible and cheap. With Freightfinders' freight cost calculator you can book your Andorra transport quickly and easily.