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USA Import & Export shipping

Sea freight, air freight, rail- & truck transport


Trust in long-term experience and an ideal network of forwarders and choose an USA transport by Freightfinders. We can ship anything from cars and aircraft parts to computers. Learn about, which services we provide, which possibilities you have and how you can organise a cheap Import & Export with us.



Freightfinders forwarder network USA - Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Please use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your USA transport



Freightfinders: find your import & export forwarder for the USA

When importing to or exporting from the United States, it is important to look for and find a suitable forwarder. We at Freightfinders are an EU promoted platform and the perfect partner for all your USA routes. It does not matter, if you are importing or exporting – we can offer you the best USA container transport, an all-round service for your shipment and cheap freight rates.



Services by Freightfinders

With Freightfinders, you can profit from advantages, which can only be found on our platform:

  • Our full-service-transport package containing customs clearance, packaging, load restraint, loading and insurance. Thereby, anything concerning transport is covered by us.
  • Our transport costs calculator enables you to calculate and compare cheap forwarders and means of transport for your USA carriage, e.g. a USA wood transport fast and for-free.
  • We offer all transport modes – be it sea freight, air freight, rail freight and truck freight, pre-carriage, on-carriage, door-to-door, or port-to-port.



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Transport costs calculator USA: calculating prices & costs with Freightfinders

The calculation of USA transport prices is dependent on various factors, such as e.g. what kind of goods are to be sent, if it is general cargo or consolidated cargo. It also has to be considered, how many containers you want to ship and if there are special requirements for the goods that have to be fulfilled prior to the transport to or from the USA. The route and the means of transport play an important role, as well. Use our transport costs calculator / freightrates calculator, to find the most favourable price for your USA transport fast and without having to register.



Customs clearance for USA Imports & Exports

Customs clearance for imports & exports to/from the US is very important, as not or falsely declared goods can become a problem. A mistake during declaration can costs you not only time, but money as well, as fines and delays can arise. To avoid this, it is vital to have the proper documents for the US customs and to take care of customs clearance in time. In general, in the USA customs affairs are taken care of by customs agencies, as this usually accelerates the clearance and as customs brokers have long-term experience and tend not to make common mistakes during the complicated declaration.

We at Freightfinders have prepared a list with a few documents to give you a little insight into USA customs clearance. This list will also help you, consider, what might be important for you.

  • For every import/export, this also applies for the USA, you will need an EORI number and a commercial invoice. If you are not in the possession of an EORI nr., our customs broker will gladly create one for you.
  • When importing animal or crop products, you will need a health certificate for them.
  • Chemicals, clothing, and other products have to meet special regulations. For more information, please contact our customs agent.
  • There are no preferential agreements between the United States of America and the EU. Still the USA are part of the NAFTA, which means that there are no tariffs within this free trade area. If you need more information, or help with customs clearance for your USA transport, simply use our customs service and let professionals take care of this task.



Vehicle import & export USA:  Car, Motorbike & Co.

One of the most important things for international car shipping from/to the USA is to collect all the needed documents. This helps to organise a smooth transport. Furthermore, one should also decide, what kind of transport to book: in a container (FCL & LCL), or RoRo. The container transport is usually the safer option, as the car or motorcycle is protected from outside influences. A RoRo ship transport can be the faster and cheaper optione. However, with this type, your vehicle is exposed to all outside influences. For whatever type you want to settle, you can use our configurator to find and book cheap prices for your USA vehicle transport.



LCL & FCL container transports

Find the ideal solution for your freight at Freightfinders and choose FCL or LCL containers with experienced USA shipping companies. In order for you to benefit from shipping your cargo, we automatically calculate, which container is the better option for your packages, such as boxes or pallets. Thereby, you get a cheap and smooth US transport.



Relocation USA – moving cheap and fast with Freightfinders

Your firm is establishing a new branch office or you are relocating? At Freightfinders you will find cheap prices for your relocation. Find container transports for numerous routes and enjoy a fast and comfortable USA transport.



Means of transport for cheap import & export to / from USA

Find cheap prices for your USA transport fast and easily at Compare forwarders and means of transport to find the best freight rates for your route via ship, airplane, train, or truck.



Sea freight USA

If you want to ship your goods via sea freight from or to the USA, you can profit from cheap prices for long distances. You want to compare prices immediately? Use our exclusive USA sea freight costs calculator / searates calculator.



Air freight USA

Shipping goods via air freight to/from the USA is the fastest alternative of transports. However, it is also a more expensive option. Still, with Freightfinders, you will get cheap prices. Use our air freight costs calculator / airrates calculator at the top of the page for your transport to & from the USA.



Rail freight USA

On our platform you will find cheap prices for an eco-friendly alternative – the USA rail transport. Get your goods safely and favourably to your destination with Freightfinders. Find the price for your US transport with our rail freight costs calculator / railrates transport calculator.



Truck freight USA

Truck transports within the USA and Germany are rather cheap and flexible options of carriage. Find attractive prices for transports done by experienced forwarders at Prices can be calculated with our truck freight costs calculator / truckrates calculator at the top of the page.