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Find a suitable Europe freight forwarding company with Freightfinders at a reasonable price. With a lot of experience and a large freight forwarder network in Europe, you get fast and reliable transport – not only Europe-wide!


Information about freight forwarding in Europe

Europe is made up of 47 sovereign countries whose territories are wholly or partially located on this continent. This means, however, that there are just as many languages and laws, as well as many kilometres ahead of your transport. Here, it is important that the respective Europe transport companies bring a lot of experience. Since not all countries in Europe are members of the European Union and since you can book your transport beyond Europe with us, customs clearance also plays an important role..


Services by Freightfinders and our European transport companies

At Freightfinders, we find a suitable solution for every good and every route. Although road freight transport is the most popular within Europe, you will also find sea freight, air freight and rail freight transports that can be combined. This allows you to remain flexible and receive fast and affordable transport. Especially, if you are looking for not only Europe-wide transport, but also transport to and from Europe.
In addition to different modes of transport, you will find several types of transport, for example, a Europe relocation or an Europe-wide motorcycle transport. You can easily supplement these with our services such as e.g. customs clearance or container loading. Use our configurator or contact form to find suitable Europe transport companies and book your individual transport at a reasonable price.


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