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Poland is trading with many countries of the world, such as Germany, the Czech Republic and also China. In order to provide you with a market advantage through favourable transport prices, we offer you the possibility to compare means of transport (ship, truck, train and airplane) for international routes. No matter which goods you want to send to/from Poland, vehicle parts, land machines, cars, full container or goods on pallets we find a solution for everything. Simply use our free Freight Calculator!

Freight Cost Calculator


Trailer- & Container rotation:

  • Poland to/from Great Britain or Ireland
  • Slovenia to/from Great Britain or Ireland
  • Czech Republic to/from Great Britain or Ireland


Save up to 10% of the transport costs


The same transit time as comparable services


Less CO2 emissions thanks to rail transports

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Freightfinders forwarder network Poland- Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your Poland transport

Freight calculator



Services by Freightfinders

Get an overview of the services you can get from a Poland import/export with Freightfinders:

  • Full-Service Transport: You can supplement your favourable Poland exports/imports with services such as packaging, loading, load restraint, insurance and customs clearance, thus enjoying a full-service transport.
  • Transport costs calculator: Keep at all times an eye on your costs with our transport cost calculator and influence them with your individual selection.
  • Transport modes: At Freightfinders you can find sea freight, air freight, truck and rail transport also pre-carriage, on-carriage, as well as door-to-door and port-to-port.




Freightfinders: Find cheap shipping companies for your import & export

On our EU-sponsored platform, you will not only find cheap Poland exports/imports, but also services that complement your transport. Our services include customs clearance, freight insurance and container fumigation. These are all carried out by experienced Poland forwarding companies so that you can concentrate on your business! Simply add the services of your choice during the booking of the Poland import/export and enjoy a fast, cheap and safe transport.

Wood / Timber Transport Poland 

We offer you a Team of highly experienced forwarders for forest logistics. We transport 17.000 Containers full of wood yearly from the forests directly to a freight haven or train terminal and ship them to destinations all over the world.
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Vehicle transport Poland: car, motorbike and suchlike

You can organise a vehicle transport to/from Poland easily and conveniently with Freightfinders. Thanks to our possibilities, we can find the right transport and the right forwarding company for every vehicle.
A FCL container offers ideal protection from external influences and makes this Poland car transport the perfect option for valuable vehicles. A LCL container provides similar protection. However, there are several vehicles in one container, which reduces the costs of the Poland import/export for all parties involved. Another option is the RoRo ship. Here, the car is driven on the ship and off again, making this mode fast and cheap. However, the vehicle is not protected from external influences in during this transport to/from Poland.
Thus, you can individualise your car transport to/from Poland and benefit from favourable prices. Just use our configurator to book your favourite option.


LCL & FCL container transports

With Freightfinders’ Poland forwarders, you can ship your cargo quickly and safely in a FCL or LCL container. You do not know which option is cheaper for your freight? No problem & ndash we automatically calculate the ideal solution with the details of your freight.


Polish customs

Freightfinders can help you with the Polish customs clearance of your goods. As the lack of know-how often leads to mistakes, resulting in consequences such as additional costs and delays, we want to save our users all the inconvenience and therefore offer you the service of our customs brokers, which you can easily add to the booking of your Poland import/export.
Get a first overview of which documents you might need for your Poland imports and exports.

  • In the case of transports within the EU and other contracting parties, the T1 document permits duty and tax-free border crossings.
  • In the case of road transport between Poland and countries outside the EU, a TIR Carnet can facilitate the crossing of borders, since with this document, no import duties are due.
  • With the Carnet A.T.A. it is possible to carry goods for trade fairs, samples and professional equipment duty-free. However, the individual requirements of the countries should be respected.


Transport costs calculator: Calculate costs & prices with Freightfinders

With our transport cost calculator, you can keep an overview of your expenses for your Poland export/imports at any time and adapt and customise them. Find your routes for free and without registration and you will get the cheapest means of transport displayed. However, you can still adjust your Poland transports here by choosing a different means of transport. Then, add a service of your choice with one click and get an instant price.
Thanks to our transport cost calculator, you can calculate the costs of your Poland imports and exports and book them quickly and easily.



Means of transport for cheap Poland transports

Get cheap prices for sea freight, air freight, rail and truck transports at Freightfinders. Our experienced forwarding agents deliver your goods quickly, cheaply and safely to your destination. Use our configurator and enjoy a relaxed Poland import/export.


Truck transport Poland

The truck transport to/from Poland is particularly flexible and inexpensive – especially for short distances. Use our truck freight cost calculator to get your price.


Rail freight Poland

By train, your goods arrive quickly and safely to your destination. With our rail freight cost calculator you can find the route for your Poland import/export just as quickly and safely.


Air freight Poland

By airplane goods can be transported quickly from A to B – this applies also to Poland transports. Our air freight cost calculator also offers you reasonable prices.


Sea Freight Poland

Sea freight transports are especially suitable for long distances, as they are particularly favourable. Find your route and get a cheap price for your Poland import/export with our sea freight cost calculator.


Trailer Handling – Intermodal Transport of a Complete Semi-Trailer

When transporting to/from Poland with semi-trailers, one is often confronted with the problem that they cannot be craned. However, this also prevents combined transport or intermodal transport. With the latest techniques, however, this obstacle can be circumvented so that you can save costs and do something good for the environment at the same time. Another advantage of this trailer transhipment is that the circular transport for Poland can be planned despite the semi-trailer and this ensures optimal utilisation of the orders and avoids idle times.

Save Costs & Protect the Environment

Trailer transshipment enables circular and intermodal transports for semi-trailers. This means that there are no empty runs that harm the environment, and the shipment can take place on other modes of transport. This makes the shipping of your goods to/from Poland much more (cost)effective.
Save a whole 10% on the same transit time when you book Trailer Intermodal Transports with!.


Complete Truck Load

Plan the pre-carriage to the rail terminal simply and easily with a truck semi-trailer, without the usual restrictions. This is the first step for a favourable Poland shipping of your full truck load.

Rail Freight Transport of a Semi-Trailer

The second step is the shipment to/from Poland by rail freight. Here, the complete semi-trailer is loaded onto the train without the tractor unit and thus transported to the port (e.g. Rotterdam). This not only relieves the roads, but also minimises waiting times on busy routes.

Sea Freight Shipping of a Semi-Trailer

The low-cost sea freight transport can thus form the main transport for Poland and also transfer larger load carriers without any problems. Thanks to the trailer transhipment points at many ports, destinations such as Great Britain and Ireland can be reached. In the final step, the trailer is loaded back onto a truck to reach its final destination.

Where Is This Trailer Handling Possible?

This intermodal transport of the semi-trailer is currently offered for the following routes. As this is also a circular transport, these routes are also available in the reverse direction, i.e. from the islands to the European mainland.

  • Poland to/from Great Britain or Ireland
  • Slovenia to/from Great Britain or Ireland
  • Czech Republic to/from Great Britain or Ireland