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Freight forwarder Nigeria
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Nigeria ranked 25th in the world economy in terms of gross domestic product (in US dollars) in 2019. The country's largest exports are crude petroleum, petroleum gas and scrap vessels. Of the latter product, Nigeria is the largest exporter. The state was the top importer of laboratory glassware, postage stamps and embroidery. The products Nigeria imported the most were refined petroleum, cars and wheat. The country's main trading partners are India, China, Spain, the USA and the Netherlands.
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Freightfinders forwarder network Nigeria - Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

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Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


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Services by Freightfinders

Get a quick overview of the services you can enjoy when booking a Nigeria transport with Freightfinders.

  • Full-service transport: Our services such as packaging, loading, load restraint, customs clearance or insurance will give you a relaxed transport from experienced Nigeria freight forwarders.
  • Transport costs calculator: For the calculation of your transport costs, you can use our tool free of charge and without registration.
  • Modes of transport: In addition to sea freight, air freight, rail and truck transport, our portfolio also includes pre-carriage, on-carriage, door-to-door and port-to-port.


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Customs Clearance Nigeria

For trade with third countries, Nigeria applies the Common External Tariff (CET), which belongs to the West African Economic Community ECOWAS. The International Harmonised System (HS) is used for this purpose. Find out more important facts about Nigeria customs clearance here.

  • Nigerian customs clearance is done through the NICIS (Nigeria Integrated Customs Information System), an electronic customs clearance system.
  • Business persons must register with the Federal Inland Revenue Service and the Corporate Affairs Commission to obtain a Tax Identification Number in Nigeria.

The following eight documents are required for customs clearance in Nigeria in English.

  • Freight documents
  • Certificate of origin
  • Trade invoice
  • Release note
  • Form M
  • Packing list
  • Customs declaration
  • Product certificate


Container Transport Nigeria

Send your full container to/from Nigeria with Freightfinders. Our Nigeria freight forwarders for container transports offer you safe transports at reasonable prices. Benefit from years of experience and a worldwide network.


Pallet Transport Nigeria

Find suitable offers and partners for your Nigeria pallet transport with our freight cost calculator. Compare freight forwarders to get the best price.


Vehicle Transport Nigeria: Car, Motorcycle and Co.

Car, motorbike and co can be shipped to/from Nigeria at a low price with Freightfinders. Our experienced freight forwarders will ensure a safe and cheap transport of your vehicle.


Relocation Nigeria

Find your route and transport type to book your very own Nigeria relocation. Put everything together quickly and easily with our freight cost calculator and benefit from low prices.


Sea Freight Nigeria

Get cheap sea freight rates from experienced Nigeria freight forwarders and secure shipments with our sea freight quotes. Find your route with our freight cost calculator.


Air Freight Nigeria

By air, your goods reach their destination particularly quickly and safely. Our Nigeria freight forwarders offer favourable prices and years of experience.



Rail Freight Nigeria

Environmentally friendly and fast, goods reach their destination by rail freight. Find your Nigeria transport with Freightfinders.


Truck Transport Nigeria

The truck offers flexible Nigeria transports. Our partners impress with fair offers and fast shipping.