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Czech exports and imports
sea freight, air freight, truck- and rail transports



We at Freightfinders want to offer our users cheap, fast and safe Czech shipping companies and therefore also Czech transports and that for all international countries, such as e.g. Germany, the United Kingdom or China. You can find the usual shipping methods of sea freight, air freight, rail and truck freight with us. With our configurator you will find your route for the Czech Republic quickly and free of charge, so that you can send your goods, be it a car, car parts, computers and much more, in no time.



Freightfinders forwarder network Czech Republic - Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Please use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your Czech Republic transport



Freightfinders: Find cheap shipping companies for your Czech Republic imports & exports

In order for your Czech exports and imports to run smoothly, you will find experienced transport companies for the Czech Republic on our EU-sponsored platform. These offer you not only cheap, fast and safe carriages, but also other useful services, such as packaging, loading, load restraint, insurance and customs clearance. During your booking, simply add the appropriate services at the push of a button and enjoy a relaxed Czech Republic import/export.



Services by Freightfinders

Here you will find a summary of the services you enjoy when you book your Czech Republic transport with Freightfinders:

  • Full-Service transport: You can find not only cheap transports, but also useful services from our partner forwarders for the Czech Republic and round off your carriage e.g. with packaging, loading, load restraint, insurance or customs clearance.
  • Transport costs calculator: Keep an eye on your costs at all times and calculate your transport costs for the Czech Republic free of charge and without registration.
  • Transport modes: In addition to sea freight, air freight, rail and truck freight, we also supply you with pre-carriage, on-carriage, door-to-door and port-to-port.



All modes of transport:


Transport everything:


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Czech Republic customs

Every successful transport involves a properly executed customs clearance. Only if the Czech Republic customs clearance has been carried out correctly will you be spared the related delays and additional costs. That is why we also offer our users the service of customs clearance. A forwarding company for Czech exports/imports takes care of this, so that your transport runs smoothly.
To get a first glimpse, we have compiled a few examples of documents that you might need for a Czech Republic export or import.

  • Trade with EU countries requires an EORI number. This should be issued before a Czech Republic export or import.
  • During a transport to/from the Czech Republic, no import duties will be imposed when crossing boarders with road vehicles, if a TIR Carnet was previously issued.
  • For trade fairs, professional equipment or samples, the Carnet A.T.A. permits a tax-free import and export. Please note here, however, the regulations of the individual countries.



Vehicle transport Czech Republic: car, motorbike and suchlike

For vehicle transports you will find several possibilities at Freightfinders to be able to book the ideal transport for your car, motorbike and suchlike. If you want to send a container to/from the Czech Republic, you can choose from two types:
The FCL container offers perfect protection for your vehicle during the Czech Republic shipping, as, here, your car is shielded from external influences and is also offered protection against theft. A FCL container is used mostly for very valuable vehicles, such as e.g. antique cars.
The LCL container offers a similar protection for the Czech Republic transport of your vehicle. Here, too, your car is protected against wind and weather. In this container, however, there are several vehicles, as more than one customer can share this transport. This has the advantage of the costs also being shared.
Another option is the RoRo ship. Here, the vehicle is simply driven aboard the ship and down again, which often makes this option cheap and fast. < br/> With our configurator you can choose your transport type and get cheap shipping to/from the Czech Republic.



LCL & FCL container transports

With Freightfinders you can ship FCL and LCL containers at low prices and get smooth transports from experienced Czech Republic freight forwarders. It is not a problem, if you do not know, which container is the better choice for your cargo. With your information about your packages, such as boxes or pallets, we automatically calculate which container is the ideal option.



Relocation Czechia – moving with Freightfinders

With Freightfinders you can easily and quickly plan and implement your Czech Republic move. Either you can make your move yourself by booking a cheap transport and suitable services, or you can opt for the full-service package of our Czech Republic forwarding companies. Thus, you can enjoy a quick and well thought-out move and concentrate on your business.



Transport costs calculator: Calculate costs & prices with Freightfinders

Calculate your shipping costs quickly, easily and free of charge for your Czech exports and imports. With our configurator you will first find your favourable route to which you can then add useful services. You will be presented with cheap means of transport. Here, you still have the possibility to choose another and thus adapt the transport to your needs. The choice of services is also open to you.
Test our transport cost calculator today and calculate your transport price for the Czech Republic in the shortest possible time.



Means of transport for cheap Czech transports

Find cheap Czech freight forwarders for your sea freight, air freight, truck or rail freight transport. Our experienced partners transport your goods quickly and safely and offer the right solution for every freight.


Truck transport Czech Republic

With the truck, your goods come to the destination flexibly and cheaply. Take advantage of our truck freight costs calculator for a suitable offer for your international Czech Republic route.


Rail freight Czech Republic

The train offers fast and safe transports for your cargo. Find cheap freight rates with our rail freight costs calculator.


Air freight Czech Republic

Your goods come to your destination very quickly by air freight. With our air freight costs calculator you will also find cheap prices and experienced freight forwarders for the Czech Republic.


Sea Freight Czech Republic

A cheap sea freight transport is particularly useful for long distances. But also for shorter routes, you will find great offers for your Czech Republic transport with us and our sea freight costs calculator.