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North and South America transports with Freightfinders



Get inexpensive offers and experienced America freight forwarders for your freight transport inside and to/from North and South America. Thanks to our large service provider network and years of experience, you get fast and safe America exports and imports. With Freightfinders, you can also benefit from an all-round package.


Information on America imports and exports


North America transports

North America consists not only of the US and Canada, but of 23 countries. This includes many island states. When it comes to America exports and imports, there are a number of free trade agreements that could be of interest to you when it comes to customs clearance. When it comes to transport for North America, good planning and long distance transports have to be considered.


South America transports

South America is made up of significantly fewer countries, but it has still an almost equally large area. In addition, one has to be prepared for a wide variety of road surfaces and difficult paths, such as serpentines through high mountains. It is therefore important that your South America shipping company brings a lot of experience. In order to facilitate exports and imports, various free trade agreements are to be concluded in the coming years.


Services by our America freight companies

So that you don't have to search for different services on countless websites, you can find many means and types of transport for your America transport at Freightfinders. In this way, you can benefit from cheap prices as well as from uncomplicated planning.
You can ship your goods with us as sea freight, air freight, truck or rail freight. American shipping companies often use a combination of multiple means of transport.
With our services, we offer you the opportunity to receive an all-round carefree package. From moving to America to shipping vehicles from South America – we can ship anything. Containers, pallets, silos and much more are available. In addition, you can easily insure your cargo on our platform and let your goods be cleared quickly and cheaply with our customs brokers for America. Take advantage of our fair offers for a smooth America transport today.


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