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In 2019, Ireland was the 31st strongest economy in the world by GDP (Gross Domestic Product (in US dollars). They even ranked 28th out of 225 in exports. Ireland was also the largest exporter of heterocyclic nitrogen compounds, which are used to make antibiotics and anti-tumour drugs.
That is why you can find suitable offers from Ireland freight forwarding companies at a favourable price with us.

Freight Cost Calculator


Trailer- & Container rotation:

  • Poland to/from Great Britain or Ireland
  • Slovenia to/from Great Britain or Ireland
  • Czech Republic to/from Great Britain or Ireland


Save up to 10% of the transport costs


The same transit time as comparable services


Less CO2 emissions thanks to rail transports

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Freightfinders forwarder network Ireland - Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Please use our Freight Calculator to find favourable prices for your Ireland transport


Services by Freightfinders

Get an overview of useful services to enjoy with Freightfinders when shipping to/from Ireland.

  • Full-service transport: Benefit from our services such as packaging, loading, load restraint, customs clearance or insurance at reasonable prices.
  • Transport costs calculator: Calculate the cost of your Ireland cargo shipping – free and without registration.
  • Modes of transport: At Freightfinders you will find not only sea freight, air freight, rail and truck transport for Ireland, but also pre-carriage, on-carriage, door-to-door and port-to-port.


All modes of transport:


What you can ship with our Freight Cost Calculator:


Our Additional Services 


Container shipping Ireland

You want to ship a full container to/from Ireland? Then use our freight cost calculator to find one of the many cheap offers for your Ireland transport via container.


Pallet transport

Our pallet freight forwarders also offer competitive prices for your Ireland export and Ireland import. With just a few clicks you can find a selection of experienced forwarders for your pallet freight.


Vehicle transport Ireland: cars, motorbikes, and suchlike

You can also ship your vehicles to/from Ireland without any problems with Freightfinders. Whether new or used – with us you will find suitable partners who will bring your car, motorbike, etc. safely to its destination.


Relocation Ireland – Moving with Freightfinders

Use our offers for cheap transports for your Ireland removal. Whether you want to send a container, your car or boxes – with us you will find suitable partners for this. Simply specify your route and your type of transport and benefit from fast and safe Ireland removals.



Modes of Transports for Freight to/from Ireland: 

Sea freight Ireland

Get favourable prices and safe transports with our sea freight forwarders for Ireland. Simply specify the mode of transport to “sea” in the third step of our configurator and convince yourself of our offers.


Air freight Ireland

The transport to/from Ireland is particularly fast with our air freight forwarders. Choose a suitable partner and enjoy an uncomplicated transport.


Rail freight Ireland

Your goods will arrive environmentally friendly by rail to/from Ireland. You will also find a variety of offers from our partner freight forwarders for this mode of transport.


Truck freight Ireland

To make your Ireland transport flexible and affordable, choose truck transport. Book with one of our many trucking companies for a safe shipment of your freight.


Customs clearance Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is, unlike Northern Ireland (part of the UK), part of the EU. Although this means simplified customs conditions within Europe, it is still uncertain whether and what hurdles Ireland's forwarding companies will face with Brexit. The borders between the Republic and Northern Ireland will remain open and border controls will not be carried out. Whether this will remain the case is still to be seen.

  • For transports from the mainland to Ireland, it should be noted that the transport to Ireland leads through a third country, as Great Britain and Northern Ireland have left the EU. Therefore, for example, the T2 shipping procedure is used.
  • For export from the EU to Ireland via sea freight, the T2L document is required to prove that the cargo originates from the free circulation of the European Union

Trailer Handling – Intermodal Transport of a Complete Semi-Trailer

With Freightfinders, it is now also possible to transport semi-trailers from/to Ireland. This means that combined transport or intermodal transport with trailers can be organised simply and easily. Our innovative technology is particularly sustainable and saves you money, as low-cost circular transport to and from Ireland are possible.

Save Costs & Protect the Environment

Our transport method reduces idle time and thus protects the environment and your wallet. Benefit from low-cost container handling and effective Ireland shipping.
When booking a Trailer Intermodal Transport with Freightfinders, you save 10% on the same transit time!.


Complete Truck Load

The first step in this type of Ireland shipment is the transport of the full truck load to the rail terminal. The innovation to the old familiar is the transhipment of the entire semi-trailer onto a train.

Rail Freight Transport of a Semi-Trailer

The next point is to transport this semi-trailer by train to a port. This option reduces the impact on the environment and ensures a quick transit time for your Ireland shipment. As soon as the freight arrives at the port, the entire trailer is transferred from the train to the ship.

Sea Freight Shipping of a Semi-Trailer

The cheap sea freight shipment to/from Ireland then forms the main transport. Once at the port of destination, the semi-trailer is transferred back onto a train and later onto a truck, which ultimately transports the freight to its actual destination.

Where Is This Trailer Handling Possible?

At the moment, you can find offers for the following routes. Please note that you can also book the whole thing as a circular transport, as this shipment can be organised in both directions.

  • Ireland to/from Poland
  • Ireland to/from Czech Republic
  • Ireland to/from Slovenia