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China import & export
sea freight, air freight, rail- & truck transport


China is an important trading partner for many countries. We at Freightfinders have an ideal network for China imports/exports with highly experienced forwarders. Moreover, we offer an all-round service for every transport mode. Learn more about cheap and easy China transports in this article!



Freightfinders forwarder network China - Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Please use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your China transport



Freightfinders: find your import & export forwarder for China

Many goods are being transported on routes to and from China. With Freightfinders, your EU promoted online-forwarder, you can ship your cargo safe, fast and cheap to your destination. No matter, if you want to ship delicate technology in a container, or use a special transport for huge machines – we can transport anything easily.



Services by Freightfinders

Learn more about the advantages of booking with Freightfinders here:

  • We offer a full-service-transport for China, which simplifies the organisation and execution of your transport, as we can take care of all services needed for a successful transport, such as packaging, load restraint, loading, customs clearance and insurance.
  • With our free-of-charge transport costs calculator for China, you can compare forwarders and means of transport easily and fast and, thereby, find and book a cheap transport.
  • No matter, which transport mode you are looking for – we have it! We do not only offer sea freight, rail freight, air freight, and truck transports, but also pre-carriage and on-carriage, as well as door-to-door and port-to-port transports.



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Transport costs calculator China: calculating prices & costs with Freightfinders

With Freightfinders, you can calculate the costs / freight rates for your China import/export fast and easy. Individualise the price by your choice of means of transport (ship, train, airplane, or truck), route, forwarders, and many more. Here, you can count in every option without registration and free-of-charge. Every step of the transport can be considered – the transport itself and any additional and cheap service, such as packaging, or load restraint.
With our transport costs calculator for China, you can decide for yourself, how you want your transport to be and to cost. Test it and book your favourable China import or export today.


What does a container cost from China to Germany and vice versa

Unfortunately, there is no single answer or figure for the question of how high the price of a container from or to China is. On the one hand, it depends on the container size, but on the other, freight rates play an immense role here. However, one thing can be stated with certainty – the freight costs for containers from China are rising! Even in the time from January 2021 to June 2021 the rates have risen immensely, especially when looking at the freight rates from 2020. The prices for containers from China are rising inexorably and the reasons for this are manifold.
Alternative routes, such as rail or air freight, are either at capacity or severely restricted by SARS-CoV-2. The demand for containers has risen sharply due to the growing online trade, but containers are difficult to get hold of due to the Corona pandemic and the resulting tightened controls and waiting times.

To successfully transport containers from China or to China, you therefore need the right partners with a large network and high capacities. In addition, the freight forwarders have to be quick in finding the rates in order to be able to offer you suitable and guaranteed freight costs from China.

Please use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your China transport



Customs clearance China

Customs clearance plays an important role for China imports and exports. Thorough and correct executions are, therefore, vital components of transports. Still, the number of documents, agreements and details complicate this task more and more, which often leads to additional costs and delays.
To spare you the trouble, we offer you the services of our customs broker, who, thanks to his experience, will take care of this task easily. Moreover, we have created a list with examples of documents, to give you a small glimpse of which documents you might need for your China import/export.

  • If you e.g. want to transport goods to take part in a trade fair, you can import and export your cargo customs-free with the Carnet A.T.A.. Learn more about what other options you have with this document here.
  • The movement certificate EUR.1 is a convenient document, as is functions as a certificate of origin and as a preference certificate. Get more information about this document here.
  • The shipping procedure T1 is especially interesting for the import of goods from China to the EU, as it simplifies the transport and import itself. Learn more about this document here.

This is only a small selection of documents. For further questions about these papers, or if you need any help, declaring your goods, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you, so that you can concentrate on your business.



Vehicle transport China – cars, motorcycles & more

You want to import or export your vehicle from/to China? Use our services and organise either a container transport (FCL or LCL), or choose a RoRo transport for your car, motorcycle, or suchlike. With us, you will get cheap prices and a safe carriage. Moreover, we offer you help with customs clearance and creating the proper documents for your car transport from/to China.
Use our freight costs calculator to get cheap vehicle transport prices and a professional container shipping executed by experienced forwarders.



LCL & FCL container transports

LCL and FCL containers offer you the possibility to adapt the transport to your goods. So that you can make a profitable decision, we automatically calculate for you the more profitable option. Moreover, we offer highly experienced China shipping companies for a smooth transport.



Relocation China – moving fast and easy with Freightfinders

Are you planning a relocation of your company from/to China or do you want to move as a private person? At Freightfinders, we have offers for anyone. Use our transport costs calculator to find cheap freight rates and choose our services to enjoy a smooth and fast relocation. Moreover, you can book our premium partners' full-service package for an easy move.



Means of transport for cheap China imports & exports

Here, at, you can choose one out of various transport modes for your China import/export. We offer sea freight, rail freight, air freight and truck transports. Moreover, you can compare forwarders and means of transport, to get the cheapest freight rate for your China transport.


Sea freight China

Find favourable China forwarders and profit from experienced professionals. Ship transports are especially profitable for long distances. You can calculate the sea rate for your China import/export with our sea freight costs calculator / sea rates calculator, which you can find at the top of the site.


Air freight China

Choose air freight transports for your China import/export, if you need a fast transport. At, you can find cheap freight rates for every route. Calculate the price of your transport to/from China easily with our air freight costs calculator /air rates calculator.


Rail freight China

Use the eco-friendly alternative for your China import and export by choosing rail freight transports. We offer you cheap freight rates for your carriage via train. Get your China transport-price via our rail freight costs calculator / rail rates calculator at the top of the page.


Truck freight China

At, you can profit from experienced truck forwarders and cheap freight rates for your China import/export. You want to immediatelly calculate your price ? Use our free-of-charge truck freight costs calculator / truck rates calculator – no registration needed.