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Asia shipping company

Asia logistics with Freightfinders


You can get cheap prices and experienced freight forwarders for your Asia logistics from Freightfinders. Our sophisticated network of service providers allows you to always find the right provider. This way, you can benefit from a reliable Asia shipping company and fair prices not only when it comes to transport within Asia, but also when it comes to an Asia import or export.


Information on Asia transports

With its 47 states, Asia has as many countries as Europe. However, this continent has a much larger area and is one of the most populous parts of the world. So, it is no wonder that shipping to/from Asia plays such a central role in global trade. Still, the size of this continent, as well as the many countries, also create obstacles. For example, the goods will have to be transported on long distances particularly quickly and safely and, above all, one has to acquire a high level of knowledge about the customs regulations of these countries.


Freightfinders’ Asia forwarding services

In order to ensure that you can enjoy a smooth transport of your goods not only within Asia, but also with an Asia export or import, you get many opportunities to individualise your transport. Various means of transport, such as sea freight, air freight, rail and truck freight, as well as numerous additional Asia shipping services.
These services include everything from e.g. Asia bulk shipping to special transport, container loading or pallet transport. You will also find a service, which is essential for Asian customs clearance, which is the service of our customs brokers. The clearance of the goods is carried out by experienced Asia customs agencies, which also ensures a fast and cheap transport.


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