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France Transports
sea freight, air freight, rail- & truck import export


France is in many branches an important trading partner for countries all over the world. This is why we offer transport services at low prices, executed by highly experienced forwarders. Profit from our individualised offers for safe and fast France transports for any kind of goods, such as e.g. cars aircraft parts or packed medicaments.



Freightfinders forwarder network for France - Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Please use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your France transport



Freightfinders: find your import & export forwarder for France

With Freightfinders, you can import from and export to France with the best forwarders and cheap freight rates for your route. Our EU promoted platform will simplify your transport – organisationally, as well as financially.



Services by Freightfinders

Profit from advantages, which can only be found at

  • We offer our users a full-service-transport for France, which includes packaging, load restraint, loading, customs clearance and insurance. Thereby, you can even ship delicate technology, or machines without any hassle – anything is possible!
  • Compare and calculate easily cheap means of transport and forwarders with our transport costs calculator for your France transport.
  • From sea freight, rail freight, air freight and truck freight, to pre -carriage, on-carriage and door-to-door, or port-to-port. - at you can find any transport mode.



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Transport costs calculator France: calculating prices & costs with Freightfinders

No matter, whether you want to ship a container, or just general cargo to/from France – with Freightfinders, you have the possibility of calculating and, thereby, influencing and individualising your carriage. You can decide for yourself, what kind of transport is best for your goods. The calculation consists of e.g. the means of transport – ship, airplane, train, or truck – as well as the route, freightrates and forwarders. These points are probably influencing the costs for your France transport the most. Additionally, there are administrative costs, such as customs clearance and insurance. At you can calculate the freight rates for the services and the transport itself easily and without registration. Thereby, you can find the cheapest price for your France transport with our transport costs calculator.



Customs clearance France

Customs clearance plays an important role in goods traffic world wide. This is why, it is also of the utmost importance to execute this task thoroughly and fast. Numerous forms and customs requirements complicate it, which, in the end, often causes mistakes. This leads inevitably in delays and additional charges. To avoid this and to enjoy a carefree transport, we offer you the service of our customs broker. With his long-term experience, he is able to support and take care of customs clearance for you, which enables you to do your daily business. We have created a list with some document-examples for you, so that you can get an idea, what documents are possibly necessary and how our customs broker can help you.

  • Within the EU there are no tariffs, still you will need a commercial paper, or a T2L to proof the Union character of your goods.
  • If you are involved in goods traffic between France and a country outside of the EU via truck, you will need a Carnet TIR.
  • There is a possibility of importing and exporting goods customs-free, if e.g. you are taking part in a trade fair. For this, the Carnet A.T.A. is necessary. Further information, about what can be imported/exported customs-free with this document, can be found here. For more information and for assistance in customs clearance, please feel free to get in touch with us via mail or contact-form.



Vehicle transport France – cars, motorcycles & more

There are several possibilities of transporting vehicles from/to France. The safest options are either a FCL or LCL container transport, as there your car is protected from outside influences. The RORO ship is another alternative for vehicle transports. It is usually the faster and cheaper option. However, there your is exposed to the weather and other outside influences. Decide for yourself, which type suits your car's needs best and find and book cheap quotes for your vehicle transport via our configurator.



LCL & FCL container transports

Ship your goods with a LCL or FCL container and get experienced France freight forwarders for your shipment. For an inexpensive transport, let us calculate automatically and quickly, whether a LCL or FCL container is more profitable.



Relocation France – easy and fast moving with Freightfinders

With Freightfinders, you can organise your private, employee, or firm relocation from/to France. Compare means of transport and freight forwarders to find the cheapest offer and add useful services or book our premium partners' full-service package for a fast and safe relocation.



Means of transport for cheap France transports

With Freightfinders, you can find all types of transport modes for your shipment to/from France. Moreover, you can compare forwarders and means of transport to get the cheapest price for your carriage.


Sea freight France

Book your sea freight transport to/from France and profit from cheap prices – this applies also to long distance routes. The price for your France transport can be calculated immediately with our sea freight costs calculator / sea rates calculator at the top of the page.


Air freight France

Ship your goods via air freight from/to France and use the probably fastest way of transport. Use our air freight costs calculator  / air rates calculator for your France transport to get cheap prices and experienced forwarders.


Rail freight France

Train transports are an eco-friendly and fast alternative for carriage. Inform yourself about your rail transport price for France with our rail freight costs calculator / rail rates calculator at the top of the page.


Truck freight France

Get cheap truck transports from/to France at and profit from our partners' long-term experience. Calculate your price with our truck freight costs calculator / truck rates calculator at the top of the page straight away and book a cheap transport.