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United Kingdom import & export shipping

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In many industries, there are numerous UK trading partners all over the world. If you are part of this goods traffic, or if you are planning on being part of it, then find cheap, but experienced forwarders with Freightfinders. Profit from various services covering everything you need for your next UK transport. No matter, what you want to ship – from cars to gold to packed medicaments – with us, you have the possibility of shipping any kind of goods. Read more about it in this article.

Freight Cost Calculator


Trailer- & Container rotation:

  • Poland to/from Great Britain or Ireland
  • Slovenia to/from Great Britain or Ireland
  • Czech Republic to/from Great Britain or Ireland


Save up to 10% of the transport costs


The same transit time as comparable services


Less CO2 emissions thanks to rail transports

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Freightfinders forwarder network UK - Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Please use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your UK transport



Freightfinders: find your import & export forwarder for the UK

Freightfinders is an EU promoted platform that is specialised on imports and exports, which is why we are the perfect partner for your UK imports/exports. Despite of fast and safe transports executed by professionals, you will find cheap prices for all means of transport (ship, train, airplane, lorry) and services to make the most of your UK transport.



Services by Freightfinders

Here, you will learn about the advantages you get with Freightfinders for your UK imports/exports:

  • The full-service-transport for the United Kingdom enables you to cover all services you need for your transport. We offer you services, such as packaging, load restraint, loading, customs clearance and insurance. Safe yourself time and money with Freightfinders.
  • Our transport costs calculator for the UK offers you the possibility of comparing prices of cheap forwarders and means of transport. You can do this free-of-charge and without registration on our platform.
  • With Freightfinders you can ship your goods via sea freight, air freight, rail-, or truck transports. Moreover, we offer pre-carriage and on-carriage, as well as door-to-door and port-to-port transports.



All modes of transport:


Transport everything:


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Transport costs calculator UK: calculating prices & costs with Freightfinders

At you have the possibility to create your own price by choosing your individualised transport. There are four means of transport (ship, train, truck and airplane) out of which you can choose, as well as world wide routes. Moreover, you can choose useful and cheap services, such as packaging, or loading, which are executed by our professional partners. Use our transport costs calculator for your UK import or export and calculate your individual price free-of-charge and with no registration needed! Furthermore, you can compare means of transport and forwarders for Great Britain and book your transport today.



Customs clearance UK

As it is the case with all boarder crossing transports, customs clearance is very important. Still, most people have problems with declaring their goods, as there are numerous documents, agreements and details that complicate this task. Especially, the upcoming Brexit will make it even more difficult. Hence, many turn to professionals to avoid additional costs and delays. This is why, we also offer the service of our customs agent for your British export/imports. Our customs broker’s long-term experience will hasten and simplify customs clearance noticeably. In order that you get a little inside into customs clearance for the UK, we have created a list with examples for you:

  • The EORI number is mandatory for every import and export – this is also the case for UK transports.
  • The T1 shipping procedure simplifies the goods traffic within the EU.
  • In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland there are regions that are part of the customs area, but not of the tax territory, as for example the Isle of Man. Here you will need additional documents, e.g. the T2LF. Our customs broker will give you more information about the necessary documents.



Vehicle transport UK – cars, motorcycles & more

Find cheap forwarders for your vehicle transport to/from Great Britain. You have the possibility of choosing between container transports (FCL and LCL) and RoRo transports to carry your car, motorcycle, and suchlike. Decide for yourself, which is the best for you and your vehicle. Use our freight costs calculator to find your route at a low price and enjoy a smooth and fast UK vehicle transport.



LCL & FCL container transports

FCL and LCL container transports can be an inexpensive way to ship goods. The most important thing here is, to see which containers are the most suitable for your own freight. Based on your information, we automatically calculate the ideal option for you. Thereby, you get a smooth and cheap UK transport.



Relocation UK – moving cheap and fast with Freightfinders

You are planning on moving with your company to/from the United Kingdom or your are an employee being relocated? Or are you a private person planning on moving? We offer you numerous services and cheap prices for world wide transports. Moreover, you can book a full-service package by our premium partners for a smooth a fast move.



Means of transport for cheap UK transports

Be it sea freight, air freight, rail or lorry transports – with us you are getting cheap freight rates, as well as safe and fast transports executed by experienced forwarders. You can compare forwarders and means of transport to find the best price for your route.


Sea freight UK

Get cheap sea rates for your transports to/from the UK. Our experienced forwarders will carry your goods fast and safe to their destination. Use our sea freight costs calculator to calculate the price for your sea freight from/to England.


Air freight UK

Fast transports can be guaranteed by well organised air freight transports. Hence, your goods can be carried to/from the UK in a minimum of time. The freight rates for air freight from/to Britain can be calculated via our air freight costs calculator at the top of the page.


Rail freight UK

Get eco-friendly and fast UK transports by using rail freight transports. Thereby, your goods will not only get to their destination in an eco-friendly way, but also particularly fast and safe. Get a quote for your UK rail freight transport with our configurator.


Truck freight UK

Lorry transports to/from England are flexible and a cheap way of carriage. Use our truck freight costs calculator to calculate your price and book a route at favourable freight rates.


Trailer Handling – Intermodal Transport of a Complete Semi-Trailer

Semi-trailers are usually not cranable, which is a major disadvantage when transporting goods to or from the UK. At Freightfinders, we make combined transport or intermodal transport with trailers possible. We avoid obstacles with the latest technology, which saves costs and is sustainable. This also makes circular transport for Great Britain with semi-trailers possible.

Save Costs & Protect the Environment

Our transport methods can also reduce idle time, which is bad for the environment and your wallet. At Freightfinders, we make your UK shipping more effective and cheaper through trailer handling.
Save a whole 10% on the same transit time when you book Trailer Intermodal Transports with!.


Complete Truck Load

The first step for a low-cost UK shipment of your full truck load is the pre-carriage by truck to the rail terminal. On site, the semi-trailer is quickly and safely transferred onto the train.

Rail Freight Transport of a Semi-Trailer

In the next step of UK shipping, the trailer is transported to the port by train without the disadvantages of crowded roads. This reduces the burden on the environment and keeps transit times short. Once at the port, the semi-trailer is loaded onto the ship.

Sea Freight Shipping of a Semi-Trailer

The main transport for Great Britain shipping is the cheap sea freight transport. As soon as the ship arrives at the European mainland/UK, it is loaded onto a train to the rail terminal. From there, it goes by lorry to the destination.


Where Is This Trailer Handling Possible?

The following routes are available at the moment. This type of transport is also offered as a circular transport, so this route can also go in the other direction.

  • Great Britain to/from Poland
  • Great Britain to/from Czech Republic
  • Great Britain to/from Slovenia