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Freight forwarder Mexico
sea freight, air freight, truck & rail freight


With Germany, the US and China, only a few of Mexico's global trading partners are mentioned here. That is why we cover international routes to/from Mexico at cheap prices. On our website, you will find sea freight, air freight, truck and rail transport for your Mexico transport, which is carried out professionally by experienced Mexico shipping companies. With Freightfinders you can ship all goods – from large goods, such as cars, to sensitive cargo, such as computers.
Use our configurator and quickly find and book your international route to/from Mexico and a professional Mexico freight forwarder at a cheap price.


Freightfinders forwarder network Mexico - Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Please use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your Mexico transport



Freightfinders: Find forwarders for your Mexico exports & imports

Our Mexico freight forwarders offer you, additionally to cheap transports, also services that are designed to simplify your goods transport. The services of packaging, loading, load restraint, customs clearance and insurance can be added with one click. On our EU-sponsored platform, you have at all times a full overview of your costs – free and without registration.
Try out our configurator today and add useful services to your Mexico exports/imports.



Services by Freightfinders

Get an overview of services from which you can benefit when importing or exporting with Freightfinders.

  • Full-service transport: Simplify your Mexico exports and imports with our services, such as packaging, loading, load restraint, insurance and customs clearance, executed by experienced Mexico freight forwarders.
  • Transport cost calculator: Calculate your Mexico transport costs free of charge and without registration and get cheap freight rates.
  • Transport modes: In addition to sea freight, air freight, truck and rail freight, you can also benefit from other transport modes, such as pre-carriage, on-carriage, door-to-door and port-to-port.



All modes of transport:


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Mexico customs regulations

Customs clearance for Mexico transports can sometimes prove to be complicated because of Mexico’s customs regulations. However, since it occupies a central part in transport, customs clearance should always be completed thoroughly and correctly to avoid additional costs and delays. In general, Mexican customs also require that the customs clearance is carried out by a broker or agency, which is why we offer you the service of customs clearance. You can easily add this service during the booking process of your Mexico exports or imports.
So that you can already get an overview of which documents you might need, we have compiled a few examples here.

  • An EORI number is necessary whenever trade with the EU is carried out. This also applies to transports between Mexico and the EU.
  • The EUR. 1 Movement Certificate is used as a preference certificate, as well as a certificate of origin and is, therefore, also an important document for shipping to/from Mexico.
  • The Carnet A.T.A. offers a duty-free import for professional equipment, samples of goods, as well as goods which are imported and exported for a trade fair.



Vehicle transport Mexico: cars, motorbikes, and suchlike

You want to export or import your vehicle quickly, easily and cheaply to/from Mexico? Then use one of our offers for vehicle transport. Ship your car, motorbike, etc. in a container to/from Mexico and protect your vehicle from external influences. With a FCL container, your car is completely protected, which is why it is used for very valuable cars, such as e.g. antique cars. The LCL container provides a similar protection. Here, however, vehicles of several customers are transported in one container, which reduces the costs.
Another possibility of vehicle transport to/from Mexico is the RoRo ship. The vehicles will be driven on board the ship and driven off again. This options exposes the car to external influences, which, however, makes this variant often inexpensive and fast.



LCL & FCL container transports

Get cheap FCL (full container load) and LCL container transports (less than container load) with Freightfinders' Mexico forwarders. We also automatically calculate which option is more suitable for your freight and thus also more profitable. For this, we only need information about your cargo!



Relocation Mexico – moving with Freightfinders

No matter, whether as a private person, employee or company – we offer the ideal option for everyone to move to or from Mexico. At Freightfinders, you can either make the move yourself by booking transport and services with us, or choose the full-service package of our Mexico freight forwarder and get a relaxed, cheap and fast move.



Transport costs calculator: calculating costs & prices with Freightfinders

Calculate the expenses for your Mexico exports/imports fast, free and without registration via our platform. Select your international route first. You will then receive the cheapest means of transport for your given data. However, if you want to choose a different means of transport, you can do so at any time. Then add services of your choice and keep an eye on the costs of your Mexico transport at any time. With Freightfinders, you can book your Mexico exports and imports with experienced Mexico shipping companies in the shortest time possible.



Cheap means of transport for Mexico

With us, you get the usual means of transport ship, airplane, truck and railway at a cheap price and you can choose the suitable one for your transport. So you get a fast, cheap and safe transport executed by experienced freight forwarders for Mexico.


Truck freight Mexico

Via truck, the transport to/from Mexico is particularly flexible and cheap. Find your route today with our truck freight costs calculator.


Sea freight Mexico

In the case of sea freight, transports are particularly favourable for long distances, nevertheless, at Freightfinders, you will find also cheap freight rates for shorter routes. Just use our sea freight costs calculator.


Air freight Mexico

You get particularly fast Mexico exports and imports when you ship your goods via air freight. With our air freight costs calculator, you also get favourable prices.


Rail freight Mexico

Send your goods environmentally friendly to/from Mexico by rail freight and get an experienced freight forwarder for Mexico for safe transportation. Use our rail freight costs calculator for cheap freight rates.