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Australia import and export shipping
sea freight, air freight, truck- and rail transports


With Freightfinders, you are getting a fast, easy and cheap Australia import/export. No matter from or to which destination, be it e.g. China, Japan, or the USA, or what goods you want to ship. Due to our network and experience, we have solutions for everything from cars, to computers and coal briquettes. Use our means of transport and services for a smooth and cheap Australia import and export.



Freightfinders forwarder network Australia- Your advantages:


Compare forwarders and means of transports for cheap offers

Receive the same prices as with the forwarding companies themselves

EU promoted network of experienced freight forwarders

Full Service: customs, loading, load restraint, insurance, packaging


Please use our freight calculator to find favourable prices for your Australia transport




Services by Freightfinders

Find all advantages for your Australia imports and exports with Freightfinders here:

  • Our full-service-transport for Australia imports and exports contains everything necessary for a fast and smooth carriage. From favorable transport modes to services, such as packaging, load restraint and loading, as well as customs clearance and insurance. This way you can get a cheap Australia import/export.
  • With our transport cost calculator for Australia you can compare and book cheap freight forwarders for your route. This way, you are getting cheap prices without registration and free of charge.
  • No matter whether it is sea freight, air freight, rail or truck transport – with us you will find not only that, but also transport modes such as pre-carriage, on-carriage, door-to-door, and port-to-port.


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Freightfinders: find your import & export forwarders for Australia

Find your ideal partner for imports from and export to Australia on our EU promoted platform. With Freightfinders your goods will be carried quickly and safely to their destination at low freight rates. Find your route and a convenient transport mode and ship your goods easily to/from Australia.



Transport costs calculator Australia: calculating prices and costs with Freightfinders

Calculate the costs for your Australia exports/imports easily with our configurator. At the same time, you have the possibility of influencing the prices for your transport, as well. Find your international route and choose a convenient transport mode. Available to you are ship, airplane, train and trucks for your Australia import and export. We also offer a wide range of services to facilitate transport and planning, such as packaging, container loading and load restraint.
Customs clearance and insurance will also be added to the transport costs. Transport insurance itself is not obligatory, but it is highly recommended to limit the risk of additional costs due to damage or loss during the Australia imports and exports. Customs clearance must be done on every transport, which also applies to transports to/from Australia. The customs charges Australia usually include administrative costs as well as duty and taxes.



Vehicle transport Australia: car, motorcycle & suchlike

You are e.g. planning on importing cars from Australia or exporting a motorcycle to Australia? Then at Freightfinders you will find several options for a fast and cheap transport. You can, for example, use a FCL container. It offers optimum protection especially for valuable vehicles and ensures that it arrives safely at the destination. For a slightly cheaper Australia import/export you can choose a LCL container. This way, your vehicle will be shipped in a container together with vehicles of others. Thus, the costs are reduced, and your car is still protected from external environmental influences during its Australia import and export. Another option is the RoRo ship. Since your vehicle can be quickly driven onto the ship and off again, this is a particularly fast and inexpensive way of car transportation for Australia.
Find your route for your Australia imports and exports of vehicles with our configurator and benefit from cheap prices and fast carriages.



Container fumigation Australia

Container fumigation is especially important for Australia transports. Since, for example, a strong infestation of the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is recorded, especially in Europe, but also in other countries such as the USA or Russia, the Australian flora and fauna must be protected from them being imported. This is accomplished by container fumigation.
Simply add the service during the transport booking and you will receive a cheap and safe transport of your goods.



Customs clearance Australia

Customs clearance for Australia can often prove difficult. This is mainly due to the Australian customs regulations for imports and exports. There are countless details and exceptions that need to be considered in order to escape more costs and delays. For this reason, we offer the services of our customs agent, who is highly experienced and acquainted with the customs regulations of Australia and can handle any customs clearance quickly and conscientiously.
The following is a list of examples of what documents you might need for an Australia import/export. As these are only examples and as there are many more documents for customs clearance from/to Australia, you can contact us for further information.

  • Please attach a commercial invoice to your cargo. This is necessary for almost all transport and thus also for imports from and exports to Australia.
  • In general, you have to register your goods for customs treatment. Participation in ICS is often uneconomical for companies that do not frequently export to Australia, which is why customs brokers are usually involved in this.
  • If you want to import professional equipment or samples to Australia, you can do this with a Carnet A.T.A. duty-free.



Relocation Australia – moving fast and cheap to/from Australia

Are you planning to move to/from Australia? On our website, private individuals as well as companies can find the right offer. From individual services and own organisation to full-service packages. No matter what you choose – with Freightfinders you can enjoy a quick and easy move.



LCL & FCL container transports

You can ship many goods with a LCL or FCL container with experienced Australia shipping companies. We can calculate automatically, based on the size of your packages, e.g. pallet or box, whether you should ship your cargo as part load or as a complete container and give you the ideal option.



Cheap means of transport for Australia

Find cheap freight rates for your ocean freight, air freight, rail and truck transport quickly and easily and enjoy safe transportation by experienced forwarding companies. Compare carriers and means of transport to get the best price for your route.


Sea freight Australia

Compare sea freight forwarders to get a cheap price for your international route. Simply use our sea freight calculator and get a safe and easy Australia transport.


Air freight Australia

Use our air freight calculator and get cheap prices for your Australia import/export. Via air freight, your goods will arrive very quickly and safely at your destination and Freightfinders ensures that the costs for your Australia transport remain low.


Truck freight Australia

Find cheap prices for your Australia import/export with our truck freight calculator. Despite low costs, truck transports offer a flexible and fast transportation of your goods.


Rail freight Australia

The rail transport for Australia is the eco-friendly option of transport and ensures that your goods arrive quickly and safely at your destination. Use our rail freight calculator to quickly and easily get cheap prices for your Australia imports and exports.